Sunday, May 15, 2011


So today I did good eating.  I went to Red Robin for lunch and ate a guacamole burger with no bacon (love my bacon!) no cheese (LOVE CHEESE) and no bun (eh, I could live without).  They brought it to me "protein style" with lettuce and it was YUMMY! With a side salad with oil and vinegar it was around 400 calories total.  I feel like the past week I've eaten nothing with flavor and today was so very tasty.

I had a bag of popcorn (smart pop or something like that) and that helped get me to dinner.

Tonight is Sonic.  SONIC you say?  Yes- I am getting the grilled chicken wrap and a banana.  It is a total of 495 calories.

That puts my total for the day at 1242.  I'd say that was a successful day of eating out today.

I cleaned the house some today and after I eat I am going to bundle up and go for a walk.  It is hard to clean when you have such a fun playlist to listen to while cleaning.  I ended up dancing around (I even jumped up and down quite a few times, let lose and had fun).  Jason wasn't home so I felt so free and not so silly jumping around the house and doing what I call "dancing."  :)  Of course I listened to Prince- Pussy Control a few times.  I just love that song.  It has such a great beat!

For yesterday I forgot to post - fat girl 1, skinny girl 7

Today I'd say fat girl 1, skinny girl 8.  :)

Wonder how long I can keep up with the scoreboard I have going.  Maybe I can make a paper and start tally marks.

Off to give the child a bath.  Wonder how many calories I burn fighting with the child, chasing him around the house to get his clothes off and chasing him into the bath and then fighting with him when I wash his hair.  Man I wish he liked getting clean!  :)

OH! and I forgot to mention that I am starting to notice the cleanse taking effect!  I have had to rush to the bathroom a few times.  I don't feel flushed out yet but I sure hope that doesn't happen tomorrow while I'm teaching!  I may have to tell the teacher next to me that if I open her door it means I have to run to the bathroom!  :P

To be continued...

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