Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Calories and Detox

I wrote a post earlier but didn't submit it.  I'm just at a loss at to really what to post today.  I'm doing well as far as eating healthy and not over eating.  I made chicken tacos last night and didn't eat cheese on it and had it as a taco salad with whole grain chips.  It was YUMMY!  I fixed just a little (normal size portion) on my plate and didn't eat 2nds.  :)

I'm having a hard time eating more than 1,000 calories.  I just find it very easy to stay under 1,000 and I know that's just not good because my body may shut down and go into "starvation" mode.  But if I'm not hungry, how do I force myself to eat?  I eat 3 meals a day and 1 snack.  I keep it healthy and I do eat protein, veggies, fruit, etc.  Everything I'm eating is healthy foods.  I'm drinking plenty of water and going to the bathroom a lot.

So is that not good?  I'm just confused at how I'm eating to lose weight.  It sounds weird to me that I have to eat more to lose weight.  Not more as in what I was eating.  More as in more than 1,200 calories at day or even more than that.  If I'm ok with eating 1,000 and I'm not hungry, is my body still shuting down?

I'm scared to eat more because I'm afraid I will gain weight back.  I don't know, calories and weight loss is all a bit confusing to me.

I have my ipod on to track how many steps I'm taking today.  I just wanted to know out of curiosity how many steps I take throughout the day.  So far... close to 600 steps (it's 10am, I started at 8am).  I haven't been doing a lot this morning at all.

I walked only about 4,000 steps last night, which online it says 2000 steps is 1 mile.  So I guess I walked 2 miles (in 40 minutes).  So about a mile every 20 minutes or so.  I've gotta get faster.  I did run a few steps yesterday.  I just feel so silly running.  I have to do it when I get to a place with no light.  :)

Jilian Michaels Detox review- So far no problem as far as rushing to the bathroom.  I have noticed I need to pee a lot but that could be be because I've been drinking a ton of water.

Time to get ready for lunch.  It's greek yogurt, chicken salad, and veggies for lunch today.

Weight- 201
Loss- 3 lbs (I went up 1 lb since Friday but that's ok)
Day- 11

To be continued...

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