Friday, May 27, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Ok so that was kinda corny and silly for my title but its the best I could do.  :)

I got my hair cut yesterday.  It had been probably close to a year since the last time I got it cut (probably less than that but it seems like a year).  I debated on getting a feather in my hair but didn't.  Maybe next time.  I like my new hair but I think Jason liked it longer.  I went a little shorter than I thought I would go but I like how light it is.

I weighed myself (just for fun) after getting back from getting my hair cut and I was down a half a pound.  HA!  I joked with the girl doing my hair that I'd probably lose a pound from getting it cut.

My starting weight: 204-206 (I saw 206 that day but went with my lightest weight)
After week 1: 202
After week 2: 200
Now: 197.5
Total weight loss (almost 3 weeks)- 6.5 pounds

I feel good about that.  I'm just glad I'm going down.  I really don't care (well ok I do) how much I lose in a week, just as long as I'm losing something.

I'm getting better about eating out.  Today I went to Mazios and had a 1/2 a salad with Italian dressing and 2 thin crust pieces of pizza.  This was at the BUFFET.  I could have (not on my diet) gone back multiple times and even had desert pizza.  It just amazes me how many calories are in pizza.  It's probably one of the worst things to eat!  Last night we had Papa Murphys (pizza you buy and cook at home- yum) and I looked up Jason's pizza (that he can almost eat all in one sitting) and it was something like 2700 calories!  CRAZY!

I was so tired after coming home, getting children fed, me fed, and putting everyone in bed that I didn't feel like going for a walk!  I told myself "eh, what's one day of not going.  I can just go lay down and watch a movie tonight and walk tomorrow."  I'm thinking that was the fat girl talking!!!!  So this skinny girl had a talk with this fat girl and said, "you can go for a walk and then come home and watch TV AND walk tomorrow too!"  So ok, I've got my shoes on, my spandex on, and ipod ready.  This skinny girl is going for a walk!  Here I go, wish me luck!

Fat Girl -0!  Skinny Girl- 20! (should get bonus point for talking myself into walking tonight)  :)

To be continued...

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