Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let the cleansing begin!

So today I decided to skip the last 2 days of the "detox" part of my cleanse and move into round 2.  This is 7 days of "fat blasting" or something like that.  I can't remember what the pills are called.  So I took 2 this morning and by lunch time I had to run home to go to the bathroom (I just can't do that at work).

WOW!  I think I'll be losing some weight from this part of the cleanse. 

The first part kinda made me feel a bit bloated and I just didn't feel like it was working like it should be.  Either I ate something that messed with my tummy or the pills are taking effect.

So YAY for cleansing myself.

I got on the scales today and it said I was back up to the weight I started with.  So I was a little perterbed with the scale.  I've decided that the scale will be hidden (by my husband) until a month has gone by.  That way I will have something to look forward to and I won't be obsessing over if I'm losing weight or not.  I mean, I should be losing weight.

I went for an hour walk yesterday and I will go for an hour again today.  I walked close to 5,000 steps at work and over 6,000 steps walking outside.  I'd that that was a sucessful day.  I plan to beat the time it took me to walk 6,000 steps yesterday, tonight. 

Time to get the kids from daycare.  Bath time, dinner time, bed time, WALK.  :)

Fat girl 0 (I'm taking away that Saturday... it was afterall only a few drinks and I did dance a lot that night) Skinny girl 11 (I think).

To be continued...

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