Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prom, margaritaville, and tu-tu's

So last night I went to my mom's group girls night out "prom."  :)  I wasn't going to go because... well I didn't feel like taking this fat girl shopping to get a fat girl dress that I would look uncomfortable and fat in.  I decided to go and said "Fu@# it" I don't care.  I'm a work in progress and I am going to think of myself that way any time I put on something I just don't feel that great in. 

I didn't want to spend much, so I ran to goodwill.  Didn't find a darn thing (cause all the dresses were size 8 or less).  Depressing.

I came home and decided to make my darn dress.  So I got out all the tule I had (cause this fat girl needs a lot of tule to cover her butt) and made myself a pretty darn impressing tu-tu dress.  Here's a picture of it.

It was a huge sucess and I ended up winning for "most creative."  I didn't even know there would be voting going on.  Did I mention that I felt pretty darn cute in it and that everyone wanted to play with my dress.  :)  It was fun.  Made me feel good.

I told myself I wasn't going to drink much because of all the sugar and calories.  But I didn't eat dinner and didn't snack while I was there so I went for it.  I think I had about 4-5 margaritas.  Then after I got home I needed something in my tummy so I ate some chicken salad I made for the family for dinner last night.  So yes I went over my daily calorie intake yesterday for sure!  Oh well, I'm going to get back up on my horse today and not dwell on what I did last night.

Jilian Michaels cleanse day 3- Day's 1 and 2... nothing.  Day 3 so far... nothing.  I don't notice anything different.  I'm a little gassy... not sure that's related.  :)  So here's hoping that the flood gates open the heck up today because I spent 20 dollars on these silly pills... I want to at least see some results.

Today is Sunday, which means, CLEANING DAY!  I'm not motivated to clean my house but I guess I can't think of it as I'm burning calories while I clean.  :)

Today's morning weight (after eating a yogurt and drinking a big glass of water)- 200.5

Oh and I added a "ticker" to the bottom of my site so I can be reminded of how many pounds I've lost and how many more I have to go.

Happy weight loss everyone.  To be continued...


  1. How did you make it? I'm also a little bit on the chubby side... could you make a blog so I can consider making a dress just like it for my graduation?

    1. I wrote a big reply from my phone but it doesn't look like it went through... let me try again...

      I made a no sew tu-tu... youtube has some great tutorials...

      I measured the approx length by just holding up the tulle to me and then doubling that length. (if that makes sense) So just a really long tu-tu. I didn't use elastic for the band, I used ribbon (if you do then you can tighten it and make sure you tie it in a knot for the night so it doesn't come loose... or use elastic for the band.

      I used whatever tulle I had around the house so I'm not sure how much I actually used.

      I got my tulle on the rolls (like the video I linked above) from Hobby Lobby (they go on sale for 1/2 off from time to time. Makes for easy cutting. Just cut a lot of it and keep on adding more until you have it good and thick.

      I just put a belt around me after I was done and wore a strapless bra and tank top under it with some leggins. :)

      I did make a duct tape dress as well for the next year. :)

      I got a lot of compliments on both... but the tu tu dress won't last a long time and gets kinda itchy.

      I've made some tu tu's adding ribbon and cut fabric as well.

      Have fun! Hope that helps some.


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