Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Blah

Well today is Wednesday.  I'm feeling kinda blah today. 

I didn't do so well (though really I didn't do that bad) yesterday.  I went out to eat for dinner and had a burger.  HOWEVER, I ate it without the bun, cheese, and sauce.  So I guess I did ok.  I ate it with guacamole on top.  It probably wasn't that bad...but I did eat some fries.  They were so darn good!  I didn't eat them all so I guess that's ok too.  :)  I ate a salad but didn't have my favorite dressing- RANCH!  I love ranch so the salad just wasn't the same... but I did it.

I ate at Subway for lunch.  Had a turkey on wheat (love white) with no cheese (love cheese).  It was pretty good and I really didn't miss the cheese (that adds 40 extra calories) and the wheat was actually tasty.  :)

I didn't work out yesterday because well... there were severe storms in the area and I didn't want to get blown away.  I didn't ride my bike either because I was too tired.

Today I plan to get out there and walk my hour as long as the weather stays clear.

Not sure why I feel blah today.  Maybe it's because it's a Wednesday and a long day. 

I did however, have my t-shirt on today and it didn't fit as tight around my tummy.  Still have that flabby baby belly but it wasn't stuck to it (my belly had some jiggle room).  :)

I feel like I'm still motivated to lose this weight.  I guess the honeymoon phase has worn off and now it's just work.  That's ok.  Maybe once I get back outside I'll feel the fresh air and feel better.

I love walking outside.  I get to escape my house, my children, and just GO.  Just go go go until I can't go anymore. 

I've got a headache and I have to go get my oldest child from daycare here in a minute, so that's all I'm posting for now.

To be continued...

Oh and I'm getting my hair done tomorrow!  Excited!  It's been a very long time since I've had it cut and colored.  :)  YAY!

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  1. Hang in there, you're still doing just fine. It's pretty much unreasonable to think you're going to exercise every Single day. And I think it sounds like a good thing that you ate some of your favorite foods but figured ways to make them a little healthier. So anyways, keep on going! Love, Jess


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