Sunday, June 19, 2011

6 Weeks

It has been 6 weeks since I started on my journey to finding my inner skinny girl.  It has been hard and there have been times that I failed but I haven't let that stop me from continuing on and powering through it.

I am super excited to say that within a couple of days I should be able to see and 8 on my scale!  I haven't seen the 80's for a very long time (probably more than 5 years ago)!  I  am down to the weight I was before I got pregnant with Conner.  190!  190!  I am so close to the 80's!  I just can't wait!

I'm feeling a bit sore from my long walk I accomplished the other day.  I plan to walk today and maybe challenge myself to do 4 miles, which would probably take me an hour and 15 minutes.  I think I can do it.  That hour is almost all I can do but I think I can power through an extra 15 minutes.  Or maybe I will attempt to run.  I SUCK at running.  I feel like I hit the ground so hard and jiggle a little too much.  My knees tend to hurt after just a few steps of running.  But I'll try today.

I took pictures today of me.  I'm feeling a bit bloated (probably from the burger- no bun- I ate yesterday).  I had the BEST meal!  My favorite meal of ALL TIMES is when we grill out!  I love grilled peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, pineapple, onions, etc.  That is what I want my last meal to be before I die!   I'll add a few grilled hot dogs to my list before I die too, because that's my favorite and who cares about calories when you're about to die, right? (didn't have any last night).  I ate a hamburger, no bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, and fresh homemade (by me) guacamole last night with fresh grilled veggies and fresh fruit salad.  It was PERFECT!  :)

Anyway, enough talk about food that makes me happy. The reason I said everything was to mention that I'm not posting a face shot, or side belly shot, or front shot, because I'm feeling bloated and I just ate at Jason's deli so I'm not looking my skinniest in the pictures.  BUT, the back side shows the difference 6 weeks has done for me.

It is AMAZING how my sides  have pulled in.  Here's a picture of before (left) and now (right).

The stars show where I can tell a difference.  The green star shows how my back fat isn't bulging from my top.  The red star is my FAVORITE- you can see how my back fat is really going down (which Jason has mentioned that he can tell a difference in that area) and pulling in... I don't have so many rolls!  The blue star show my one roll left!  So cool.  :) Oh and I could have put a big star on my butt because my butt is a lot smaller than it was. 

I've got until August 5th to lose 20 more pounds (My goal is 170) before a wedding I have to go to.  :)

I think I can manage that for sure!

Jason is going to start helping me lift weights and do some strength training.  I think it's time.  I will continue to walk daily, while we do some weight lifting every other day.

Happy Father's day by the way!

I'm off to take my Sunday afternoon nap.  Oh and I wanted to mention that I went to church today (my present to my dad) and really enjoyed it.  I felt joy sending my children off to class (especially Conner- he enjoys it so much) and I really liked listening to my dad teach the adult Bible class on the fruits of the Spirit (today was JOY).  I feel like I have joy inside me when I live a healthy life and take care of my body.  :)

Oh and I changed the settings on my blog.  You can now post comments anonymously, so please, leave me comments, I enjoy reading what you have to say.  :)

When I hit 20 pounds I will be doing a giveaway to a loyal follower.  :)

To be continued...

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  1. Leah, I am so happy for you :) It is so nice to see you are doing the best thing for YOU (the most important person) and for your wonderful family. I would really love to see Jason (probably gives me away...oops)join you in this most important time of your lives. Being healthy is sooo important at an early age, it will be so rewarding when you get older and you will see this when you reach 40!! Keep up the good work and never give up on finding your inner skinny girl, she is in there waiting to come out;) xoxo


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