Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's been a long time!

I haven't posted in a few days!  Have I fallen off the bandwagon?  Have I given up?  Have I decided to stay fat forever?  HECK NO!  I'm going strong and still motivated to find that skinny girl in me! 

I did screw up the other day!  :(  (hangs head)  I was so super hungry and waiting around on Jason to decide what he wanted to eat and I couldn't decide because I was too hungry... I ended up eating a HUGE cheeseburger with fried peppers from SONIC.  :0  Oh man did it taste good.  I ate EVERY SINGLE GREESY BITE!  and paid for it.  My tummy didn't feel so great after eating that fat burger.  But it sure was tasty.  It stayed in my tummy for a long time and that was the only meal I ate.  Oh and Jason left me a few of his cheese tots and I ate them too!  At least I had water to drink, right?  :P

Oh and I admit... I had some hershey kisses the other day too!  I figured if I'm craving chocolate (PMS week) I better just do it and get it over with than stress and constantly think about it. So I did.

I'm still staying around 1000 calories a day.  Trying to eat healthy. 

A friend of mine let me borrow a few of her workout videos.  I put in the Jillian Michael's DVD the other night and just couldn't do it.  I can't get into workout videos.  So I popped that sucker out and put on ZUMBA and danced for 40 minutes.  I really like that.  I'm still not latin and can't follow along perfectly but at least this big butt isn't sitting in front of the TV doing absolutely nothing.  It gets my heart beating and my body moving.  I'm going to try to build up to doing 60 minutes of it.

With the 2 mess ups I did this past week, I was afraid I'd screwed it up for myself.  I was scared that I had gained it all back.

THEN! Today I jumped on the scales and saw (drum roll please).......


Lost another pound!!!!!  WOOHOO!

So that puts me up to 9 pounds lost!  The end of this week will be my 1 month mark!  I'm hoping I can lose another pound before Sunday so I can be up to 10 pounds.  Seems logical... however, I'm going out of town this weekend!  There will be adult beverages, eating out every meal... so this could get bad.

I plan to take healthy foods with me and I've got to figure out what kind of beverage would be the best thing to drink while I'm there.

Oh, I'm going to get my toes done today.  I think I'll do french tip.  :)

Ok I guess that's all for now.

Starting weight: 204
Current weight: 195
Pounds lost: 9!

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