Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Woke up this morning, went to the bathroom, and stepped on the scale:

I don't care how I saw the number, I am just happy to know that the 80's do exist.  :) I'm sure it will go up after I eat something this morning but I'm going to work my tail off and burn as many calories as I can today.

I think I might have still been bloated (still feel a bit bloated) the last few times I weighed myself.  I really need to remind myself this every month.  Why must I get depressed during this week of weight gain due to that monthly friend that visits?  

Just wanted to share that excitement with my blogging friends.

I'm not doing a pounds lost update until this is fairly consistent.  If I weigh this much tomorrow (or less) then I'll post how many pounds I've lost... oh heck, I'll do it today.  But I know it may go back up a bit.

Starting weight: 204
Current weight: 189.5
Total pounds lost: 14.5
Weeks since starting this journey: 7

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