Thursday, June 9, 2011

OVER 10!!!

I weighed in this morning!  193.5.  That's 1 more pound GONE FOREVER!

Starting Weight: 204
Current Weight: 193.5
Pounds Lost: 10.5!!!!

So if I keep this up, that would be about 10 pounds a month.  I'm hoping to lose more now that I'm home for the summer and can workout throughout the day.

I plan to walk in the morning (at least on the days when the kids are in daycare or hubby is still sleeping) and do some aerobic in the evening.  I need to get out the weights and start lifting a bit too.

I was getting a bit sad there for a minute because the scale seemed to stall out on 195.  But this morning I was a little relieved to see it dropping more. 

Today is the first day of summer vacation for me and I'm super excited.  I sent the kids to daycare and I may go with a friend to workout and lay out by the pool.  But I'm thinking that I might like to just stay home today and do nothing (other than workout).  Well and maybe I'll do some laundry or work on cleaning the house (that's good exercise too). 

I'm so ready and excited to lose more weight.  I went for a walk last night (had to really talk myself into it) and ended up walking over 3 miles in less than an hour (50 minutes).  I beat my time and speed for any walk I've done so far (using my pedometer).  I just kept thinking about fitting in to the old clothes I have laying around, being able to shop like a normal person for normal size clothes, being able to wear cute clothes again and be a girly girl that I really am deep down.  :)  I think that is what put a little pep in my step.  I also felt like there was someone behind me pushing my back and making me walk faster.  My feet are in such pain this morning from that walk but it was so worth it.  It was such a good walk last night!

So I guess I'll get my butt up and start walking before it gets too hot outside.  Man this fat girl in me keeps telling me to go lay back down, that it's summer vacation, relax.  I've got to shut her up!  She's got some good arguments.  This skinny girl needs to talk some sense into her!

(oh and did I talk about how the other day I ate a McDonalds burger and cheetos?  I guess the fat girl won that day!  DARN IT!)

I will also mention that it really made me happy yesterday when people at school told me they could tell that I'm losing weight.  Either they can really tell or they were being nice but either way it put a little spark back into this weight loss journey.  I had another teacher tell me that when he seems me after summer that I'll be cut in half, right?  At first I was really confused but then I got all excited!  Yes, after the summer I hope to be cut in half.  I hope to lose around 30 more pounds before the summer is over.  Even if I only lose 20, that will be a sucess.  I'm going to work my tail off!!!!!

So here I go blogging friends.  Here goes this 200 (oh wait, I'm under 200) pound girl to put on spandex and tennis shoes and hit the road running (well walking right now, I have had 2 children, running just isn't an option unless I'm wearing a diaper).  :P

Until next time...

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