Thursday, June 9, 2011

Picture Review

I forgot to post side by side picture this week.  So here it is (better late than never).  I will admit that I took pictures of my actual skin self at the beginning of this journey and tonight I took another set of pictures and WOW I can really tell a difference.  Sorry blog pals, you will not receive the skin pics.  You'll have to live with me in clothes for at least another couple of years!  :P  Not THAT brave yet (though I really thought about it since you could really see a difference).  

So here is just the side view today.  The one on the left was taken May 8th and the one on the right was taken yesterday (exactly 1 month).  :)

I like how each week I'm getting darker and darker.  :)  Not much, but noticeable.

The main area that I can tell a difference in is still that mid section.  It just keeps getting smaller.  In the skin pictures you can (well not you, I) see how the tightness of the tummy is starting to go away and all I'm going to be left with is saggy skin that will need to be tightened up.  Babies sure do screw up your tummy!  But hopefully I'll get that fixed one day.  I'm sure if I end up (which I plan to) losing a lot of weight and it's still a problem, hubby will let me get that fixed, right?  :)

I did Zumba on the wii for 40 minutes tonight and then went walking for an hour!  I walked about 3.5 miles tonight.  FELT GREAT!  I went further than I have ever gone (away from home) and feel so good about it!

Time to watch So you think you can dance and do some tummy crunches in bed (not sure if they really do anything but it must be better than laying there like a rock).



  1. You're doing super great and I can definitely tell a difference!! Yay Leah!! :D

  2. Wow!!!! That's amazing!! Keep up the good work!!


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