Friday, June 3, 2011

Wish me luck!

Well I'm sitting here waiting for Jason to load up the car and take a shower so we can leave for our bike rally.  :)  I can't wait.  I love this yearly get together.  It is going to be so stinkin hot!  I hope I don't burn to a crisp!!! 

So last night I weighed myself and it said 192.  I was like WTF?  What is that all about?  There is no way that in the past couple of days I've lost 3 pounds!  HA!  So I stepped off and stepped back on there and it said 192 again.  I figured something was wrong or whatever so I decided I would just wait till morning and try again.  This morning I was back to my normal weight of 195.  :)  Sure was good to see though.  :P

OH!  The title of this was "wish me luck."  The reason is because I need to be good this weekend and its going to be hard to do.  We eat out every day, and drink.  I went to the store and got me a few mini veggie trays and some yogurt.  So that will be breakfast and lunch or a snack.  The rest of the time I guess I'll have to be careful in what I order.  I also got me Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Sunkist (0 calories) to mix with cherry or vanilla "adult drink stuff."  ;) 

So I'm looking forward to leaving this house and having a nice relaxing weekend without my children (love them, but need a break)!  :)

Next time I check in will probably be late Sunday night or Monday (and I can't weigh myself until Sunday evening either!).

To be continued...

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