Friday, July 29, 2011


I decided that today I would go through ALL of our clothes (the whole family) and get rid of a ton of stuff.  Well 2 hours later of working straight I'm not even halfway through yet. 

I will admit that it has been fun finding clothes that I wasn't able to wear before because they were too small and now they are too big!  We aren't the most organized family especially with our clothes.  For one thing, I hate doing laundry (go figure) and so we have baskets of dirty clothes and clean throughout our house.  Well this must change!  We have too many clothes.  I think the problem is that I forget what I even have and end up buying something new just because. 

I plan to make everything fit in the closet and in our drawers and anything that doesn't fit is going to be thrown out!

I have 3 bags for goodwill, a big tub full of clothes I will give to friends, and one for my sister's kids.  I hated to part with some of the clothes but for the most part it felt great to get rid of clothes that were too BIG instead of clothes that are too small.  :)

How do you organize your clothes?  Do you put seasonal clothes up in the attic or stored away?  We have always just had everything down and my goodness that's a lot of clothes!  We don't have a big closet so the way we do things is going to have to change.  I've just got to figure out how to organize things!

Back to work. 


  1. I store seasonal clothes away (unless its a cute tank or whatever I can wear under a cardigan for fall/winter/spring). Then my closet is organized into sections (dresses, skirts, pants, long sleeves, short sleeves, tanks, etc) and color coded so that all the pink is together and so on and so forth. Makes it really easy when you know you're going to wear brown pants and want to wear a turquoise shirt :) I might be a little freaky but it works!

  2. I am terrible--I totally always have all clothes in my closet. I can't help it!


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