Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1 of Cabbage Soup Diet

It's 8:00am.  Time to get up and start my 7 day diet.  I'm kinda excited about it.  I'll update this post at the end of the day with my daily recap of the diet.  Today I get to eat cabbage soup throughout the day and all the fruit I can stuff in my mouth.  For breakfast this morning I will have 1/2 a cantaloupe.  I think I will also heat me up a small bowl of cabbage soup (not my choice for breakfast food) to see how I like it.

Stay tuned...  more to come...

Oh and starting weight of the diet: 189.0

NAP TIME UPDATE: (12:45pm)

Started the morning with 1/2 cantaloupe, cranberry grape (sugar free) juice, and tea.  That held me over for a couple of hours then I was ready to try my cabbage soup.  Not bad, though I did warm it up, I got hot (cause my air doesn't work well in the house) so I may try it cold later.

Took the kids to get McDonald's (I know, bad mom here... we don't usually do that) for breakfast and got me a black coffee.  Drank that and then later had 1 plum, 1 prune (thought it was a plum) and a handful of cherries (fresh).

I have been drinking water throughout the day as well (I'm going to try to drink a large glass after I pee because I don't want to become dehydrated).

All I can say is THE FLOOD GATES are open!  I feel like the minute I'm done peeing, I have to go again.  I am happy to say that I have had a few bowel (sorry) movements today as well.  That makes me happy.

So I'm sure I am losing some water weight (not sure why it is working so fast).

Overall I feel good (a bit jittery from the coffee).  I'm actually looking forward to eating another bowl of soup in a couple of hours.  :)

More to come...


I feel the need to blog about my whole experience on this diet (at least for the first day).

I didn't take a nap today... could be because I had coffee (not use to having coffee but it just sounded good today).  I can't stop peeing!  I ate another bowl (cold) and my tummy hurts.  I think it might be gas working it's way down (sorry TMI I know).  After I ate the soup, I felt hungrier than I did before I ate the soup.  I'm going to go eat a bowl of frozen fruit and see if that helps and drink me a big glass of water to keep things moving.  BURP!  Yeah that's another issue I'm having this afternoon.  We'll see if I can survive this first day.  I think tomorrow will be interesting.  Tomorrow is veggie day.  Um... what veggies will I eat for breakfast?  Soup?  Broccoli?  Doesn't sound that appetizing for breakfast.

I'll update one more time today before I go to bed.


So it's just about 9:00pm and I'm going to bed.  Well at least I'm going to the bed to watch some TV and fall asleep.  I had one more bowl of cold cabbage soup, 1/2 a cantaloupe, cranberry juice, tea, and water this evening.  I had some tummy cramping but that seemed to be just gas (sorry TMI- there will be a lot of that this week I'm afraid!).  Cabbage might be the culprit! Must invest in some BEANO tomorrow.  :P

It surprised me how fruit didn't seem very appetizing to me.  Actually towards the middle of the day, nothing sounded good (that I could eat) to me.  I had to force myself to eat the 3rd bowl of soup (which I added some Worcestershire sauce).  But I do enjoy the soup cold... could be the weather.

I don't feel bloated at all.  I think a lot of people online mentioned how bloated they felt.  I am actually feeling less bloated and more regular (a little too regular) than I did before starting the diet today.

I sure hope I can stomach the soup another 6 days!  I am looking forward to tomorrow night's dinner of a baked potato (though I really don't like baked potatoes unless they are covered in bad stuff- bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter).  I can have a little butter and I think I'll put some Mrs. Dash on there too.

I survived day 1!!!!!  Here's hoping I survive tomorrow (I like my veggies so I'm sure I'll be ok unless veggies don't seem appetizing to me tomorrow).

I'm interested to see how much weight I've lost (water weight for sure) tomorrow morning. Oh and I have been keeping track of how many calories I am eating... I won't tell you because it might scare you (very little but I don't feel hungry).

Good night my blogging friends.  (oh and did I mention that the fat girl in me wasn't tempted AT ALL today, I have chips sitting right above me on a shelf and I have no desire to eat them!)  YAY SKINNY GIRL!

:)  To be continued...

Oh and if you made it all the way through my blog, here's something funny.  At least it is 4th of July weekend and I can blame all the poots on the darn fireworks!  WOW did you hear that one?  Those darn neighbors!  :P  LOL!


  1. I love your blog. I just started on day 1 of your cabbage diet and I love to chart details so I am really digging your writing style.

    I saw you are following me too. I don't have the courage that you do. Blogging my dieting is a bit too personal, so I am blogging food. I guess I have to learn to eat healthy anyway. I started my diet 2 days ago (today is day 3). I am doing 2 meal replacement shakes and one very healthy meal with 400 calories or less. So far so good... But you know how that goes. : )

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