Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 4 of Cabbage Soup Diet and 2 months!

Good morning.  Today is day 4 of the cabbage soup diet.  I'm excited about getting to eat bananas and having a little milk.

I weighed in this morning.  Yesterday I felt like I hadn't lost anything so I was curious to weigh in today.  Like I suspected I was 188.  Still down from where I started and I'm perfectly ok with that.

I think the reason why I'm not losing that "10 pounds" drastic weight is because I was already on a low calorie diet (not as low as this week but low none the less) so my body is use to this.  I drink a lot of water anyway so maybe I don't have much more water weight to lose.  Who knows.  I really don't care how much I go down.  I'd actually rather it be low because maybe that means I will be able to keep whatever I do lose on this diet off.

I was looking online for people talking about day 4 last night and found a recipe (not really a recipe, just a way to cook bananas).  Basically you spray a little cooking spray on some foil and bake a sliced up banana in the oven for a while and then enjoy.  I think I may try that for a little snack.

Today is July 4th.  Happy 4th everyone.  I don't think we are doing much this year.  I think we'll go get some fireworks and set them off for the kids to enjoy.  I HATE FIREWORKS!  They scare the CRAP out of me.  I don't mind seeing them from a distance.  I do like the crackly ones though but I will never light one off.  I don't even like sparklers.  I run away from them.

Anyway, congrats to me for completing 2 months!  I started this journey May 4th.  I have come a long way and have a long way to go.  I'm proud of myself for going this long.  I can't remember the last time I went on a "diet" and went this long.  I usually start and then forget that I'm on the diet and then give up.  Or I don't see much results so I give up.  NOT THIS TIME!  This time I am here for good.  Changing my lifestyle, changing my body, changing my self esteem.  I'm proud to say that I've lost a good 15+ pounds in this past 2 months.  It feels great to know that is 15 less pounds I am carrying around with me.  No I may not be down a dress size yet but it is baggier and I'm feeling better about the way I look.  :)

Anyway, I'm off to eat a banana and have a glass of milk for breakfast (doesn't that sound yummy?).  :)

More to come...


This day went ok.  It was rather boring.  For breakfast- banana and milk.  Snack- 2 bananas baked in the oven (YUM!).  Lunch- Cabbage soup.  Dinner- 2 bananas, cabbage soup and milk.  That was it for the day.  So 5 bananas total!  WOW that's a lot of bananas.

I cooked dinner for the family tonight- shake and bake chicken, baked potato, and broccoli.  I didn't eat one bite (did lick my fingers after cutting up my child's chicken).  :)

I went shopping for my steaks for tomorrow.  Looking forward to that.  I'll have a steak for lunch and a steak for dinner along with tomatoes throughout the day and a TON of water.  Oh and probably one bowl of soup.

I went pee-pee a lot today so I'm guessing I've lost a little more water weight.  We shall see in the morning if I'm back down.

This was a long post so I won't put much more to read out here for the day.  :)

Happy 4th of July to everyone.  I'm off to bed (or at least try to with all the booming going on outside).

Until tomorrow...


  1. Cooking a banana caramelizes the sugar and makes it tastier,,,

  2. U might want to look intoa purification one from the vitamin company standard process...I started it bout 18 days ago and am down 4 lbs.
    The 1st ten days are eating only fruits and veggies and 1/2 cup brown rice AND vitamins for cleanse and protein shakes...the next 11 days u intro fish and chicken.
    The purification resets your body, cleanses your system, AND gets u eating healthier!!
    Email me if you want further

  3. I haven't heard much about this diet, but sounds like you are doing great on it. I like the idea about baking the long did you bake them for and what temp?

  4. I love to grill bananas. YUM! I hear you about the fire works, not a huge fan, but my husband is. Luckily my daughter is so little (17 months) that she doesn't 'need' to go yet.

    You know all that peeing is very good. It isn't only water weight, but fat that is being released. Pooping too, but that is a given. : ) Every time I go to the bathroom, I get excited about more fat that I am expelling. haha


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