Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 7 of Cabbage soup diet- LAST DAY!

Yippee today is the last day of this cabbage soup diet.  I can have brown rice, veggies, unsweetened fruit juice, and soup.

I weighed in this morning and I was down a half a pound.  185.5

So that is 3.5 pounds total on this week long cabbage fest.

I feel good about that.  I feel like I may be over the 90's hump for sure.  A few more pounds and I'll be down in the 70's!

My main goal before a wedding I have to go to in August is to be down to 170.  I have 15.5 pounds to go in about a month.

I may not meet the goal exactly but I think I'll come close if I lose about 2 pounds a week.  Might put me at 174ish.

My total weight loss since starting in May is up to 18.5 pounds.  I'm so ready to be in the 20's of this weight loss journey.  Soon enough I will.

I'm off to go figure out something for breakfast and get ready for the day.  I only have one child today (my mom is watching my boy).  So we are taking full advantage of that and running around town doing things I don't normally do with 2 children.

Until we meet again...


WOW!  Here I go talking about poop again but it's worth it!  I woke up this morning and had a nice cleansing movement in the bathroom.  I had another after I got home from lunch.  That sure does feel great!  I am guessing it was from the cabbage soup last night (but could be from something else). 

I went to lunch with the hubby today.  I had a salad with no cheese, eggs, or croutons (all of the best parts to a salad!).  I had oil and vinegar dressing.  It was good.  Probably less than 100 calories for the whole thing.  It wasn't very big.

I get rice today so I'll probably have some later as a snack.  I'm not feeling very creative with my cooking today.  I just want it to be over.

I'm going to start making smoothies and protein drinks for breakfast/lunch (see the above post).

Question- when I start back to work, how can I do that at work?  Bring my blender up there?  Wouldn't that be funny!  Or maybe I can make it, freeze it and put it out in the morning and drink throughout the day.  Who knows.  I'll have to experiment.

More to come...

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