Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fly me to the moon...

Oh boy!  It's a full moon and I sure can tell... I think.  I haven't been sleeping good AT ALL!  Could it be because of the moon?  I thought it was because I was working out at night and was all full of energy (but yesterday I worked out in the morning).  I know it's not caffeine (though I guess it could be my supplements).   Whatever it is, I can't sleep.  I find myself going to bed, watching TV, dozing off, and then waking up 10-15 minutes later READY FOR THE DAY... but it's only 12am and I should go to sleep, so I try and the cycle continues until probably 2-3am (then I have a child in my face at 7:30am asking for breakfast).

I thought maybe it was because I was hungry last night, so I ate some peanut butter and a little glass of milk to see if that helped.  Nope, nothing, nada.  I try not to eat past 8pm and if I go to bed at 10pm, that's fine.  But if I'm up until 2-3am, I get hungry (and usually drink water to help).

Anyway,  let's talk about the moon again.  So I read online that people believe that they weigh less during a full moon.  I weighed in this morning up 1lb (183).  So I don't think that theory is true!  :) BUT!  If I lived on another planet, check out how much I'd weigh.  :)   So let's all just move to the moon. 

I think the reason I'm up is because I haven't been drinking a TON of water the past couple of days and feel a bit bloated and I really need to poop!  Sorry, TMI (you should know by now you're gonna get TMI in my blog).  I'm thinking that if I don't have anything productive this morning, I'm going to have to take a tiny pill again!  :O  That dreaded pill that makes you poop your whole entire colon out completely.  But boy how good I feel after it's over.  After the sweats and the cramps and the running to the potty for an hour is over, I feel so much better and lighter.

Tonight is a girls night out and I'm looking forward to it.  I'm looking forward to dressing up.  I use to dread it but being 20 pounds lighter and happier makes me a bit excited.  I'm curious to see if anyone will notice.  A lot of the girls read my blog or at least know that I'm losing weight, so we shall see.  I'm gonna raid my clothes and see what I can find that fits now.  :)

Off to drink my protein shake, take that magic tiny pill, try on clothes, and book my next flight to the moon.  :P

Until we meet again... on the dark side of the moon...

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