Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The girls are getting smaller!

Went out shopping a bit this afternoon.  Tried on a bra (in desperate need of a new one) and was suprised to find that my big girls are getting smaller FOR SURE.

I was wearing a 42DD before this journey started and today I bought myself a 38D.  :)  Such a happy feeling.  Those girls get in the way of most everything I wear.  I can't wear some shirts because they are just too tight at the top.  I still am that way but at least they are shrinking.

:)  That's really all I had to say today. 

Jason took the battery out of the scale!  Not on purpose, he needed it for something else but I haven't weighed myself today and am going through withdraw!  Oh well, maybe I'll get out and get a new battery in a few days. 

Time to go try on clothes and figure out what to wear tonight (going to the movies with friends).  :) 

Ta-ta for now...


  1. I was so sad when my "girls" shrank. Then again, my girls were tiny to begin with!!! Hahahahahahahaha! I am sure your back is loving the smaller sized "girls" :) Keep up the great work!!

  2. Very exciting, and photos would help..

  3. Sooo if the girls are getting smaller...your clothes are getting smaller....you're feeling better and better...does it REALLY MATTER what that number on the scale is?? REALLY TRULY? I love you!!!! :)

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