Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Shopping Day!

I sent the kids to daycare today and ran around town ALL DAY LONG!

I went to a new nutrition store here in town today that one of my friends recommended and took me with her.  That was fun.  I got to sample their special tea, shake, and some kind of aloe shot for something (I think digestion).  Not too bad.  The tea was yummy and it has a lot of things in it that are suppose to be good (I don't know what, I think it has a lot of green tea and other stuff).  They weighed me, got my height (5" 6") and did my BMI (29.7 I think).  She talked to me about what I should be eating as far as calories to lose weight and about some of their products.  I went back later in the day to get my measurements (which were fairly close to what I came up with at home- she pulled a little tighter when measuring me).

I like the place and I liked the girl.  Whenever I go in to talk to her or get my new measurements they charge 5.99 and give you the tea, shake, and shot.  Not a bad deal in my opinion.  If I was to go get a shake somewhere else it would probably cost me more.  They use the shakes as 2 meal replacements a day.  I think I may do that when I go back to school because it would be easy to mix myself a shake for breakfast and lunch.

So I only bought the tea today because I already have vitamins I need to finish, and protein shake I need to go through first.

The tea was GREAT!  I think I peed like 4 times in just a few hours.  I didn't feel too gittery (because it does contain caffeine) but I was hungry for lunch for sure.


So after that I went to the post office to finally mail off the giveaway prize!  I just dreaded going with my children so I went today with no children.  :)

Then I met Jason for lunch at my favorite Thai place and had pad thai- been craving that for weeks!

Then I went shopping!!!!  Found me a fun pair of short boots at a resale shop!  SUPER EXCITED about those.

Went to a few more places and got me some size LARGE (woohoo) tops and a dress (can't zip it all the way yet, but soon).

Went to the mall and had fun going in "normal" places shopping for not the largest size in the store.  I tried on some jeans and got me a pair of 13/14 pants!  I got another top that is super cute, size Large too!  Going to wear that outfit to the bachelorette party I'm going to on Saturday.  :)

Happy day for trying on clothing.  I didn't want to get too much but I just had fun trying clothes on.  I still have issues with my boobs- they need to get smaller still!  Some of the cute tops I guess were made for little teenie boppers that have no boobs.

Overall a happy productive day.  I didn't find a dress for the wedding I am going to on August 5th, but there's still time.  :)

Going to go play games with my little one before he goes to bed.  :)  Until we meet again my blog stalkers.  :)

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