Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I entered a 5K... wtf?

So yesterday feeling all good about myself and how far I've come and how healthy I'm starting to feel caused me to get all motivated and I entered myself into a 5K run (this one).  I'm proud of myself but oh boy, I'm not a runner.  I can't even run for more than 10 seconds at a time (if even that). 

But!  It isn't until Sept. 5th, so I have some time to "train."  Never thought I would be training for a 5K run.  I ordered me a size L shirt because hopefully by then I'll be down even more pounds.

I've got a few fantastic friends who are doing it with me (one that inspired me to sign up).  So I will start training with a couple of friends throughout the week and hopefully I'll be able to run the darn 3.1 miles (or at least run most of it?). 

I feel like I've got stronger legs now that I've been walking for 10 weeks and riding my bike as well.  So I'm not worried about my legs giving out on me.  I just can't seem to breathe or steady my breathing when I run and not to mention how silly I think I look when I run.

I'm sure I'll get better.  It is just going to take some time and good thing I have a few months to get my butt in gear.

In other news, I got my butt up and rode my bike this morning.  That felt good but my poor butt is still sore from riding last night.

So, which is better?  Riding a bike (for about 6 miles) or walking briskly (for about 4 miles).  I am not sure but I have really enjoyed riding my bike.  I guess I'll switch things up and walk tonight (maybe I'll try running).



  1. MY first event was a 10K mud run, after that I can do anything. 5K goes by faster than you think. If you can do some work on a treadmill you can work on your pacing. I use songs. I run one song and quick walk one song. Good luck!

  2. 5ks are so much fun! They are a great challenge, especially when you are starting out. You should try the Couch to 5k program. It's a great way to train without getting injured. And as for walking vs biking? I say you do both! If you mix it up, you won't get bored with either!

    That's soo good. You need something to work towards and a 5K is great! You'll be rockin a 10K soon enough I'm sure.


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