Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just keep swimming...

This morning I woke up and weighed myself... just like I thought- 184 yet again!  I'm getting a little frusterated but trying to ignore the scale and keep on swimming, dancing, running, whatever.  I'm not going to let this get me down (well I did a bit but I'm gonna TRY to not let the scale break me down).

What keeps me going is all my love and support and right now I have to give props to my husband.  (sorry honey, said I wouldn't talk about you on my blog... but I am, it's all positive).  :)  Today he made me feel really good when he told me that he could really tell a difference in my legs and my waist.  He has been really supportive, never said a negative word to me at all throughout this whole journey.  He has told me on several occasions that he is proud of me.  He has ended up losing a few pounds just from being around me or maybe I'm in his brain when he goes out to eat without me.  So, thank you hubby for sticking by me and staying positive with me.  :)

I did Zumba today on the wii.  I usually do the beginner workout and have tried the intermediate workout but the past few days I've done the intermediate 45 minute workout and they kicked my tail!  I felt so good when I was done.  I'm a bit sore today but I've got to push myself outside and complete day 2 of C25K.

I told myself that today I would splurge and eat whatever and not plug in the calories... I did eat whatever I felt like, snacked a few times throughout the day.  I ate healthy foods, just more than what I usually do.  I did end up plugging everything in and I ate about 1500 calories today!  That's all?  I usually eat 1000 or less and I felt like I was eating and eating and eating and all I came up with was 1500.  Oh well, I'm gonna try to let either Saturday or Sunday be a day of splurging and eating a bit more and let the other days be around 1000-1200.  So I guess I didn't go overboard with splurging today.

There will be no pictures this week because I just don't feel like you'd see any change.  I'll take them tomorrow but probably won't post pictures for another week.

I'm off to run/walk my tail off.  :)

Thanks all my loving and supporting blog stalkers for reading my unedited words.

EDIT: Zumba this morning, C25K tonight.  MY BUTT HAS BEEN KICKED!  But it feels so good!  I can officially say, "I love working out."  :)


  1. Leah, are you measuring yourself weekly? You could be losing inches instead of pounds because you're losing FAT and gaining muscle..which makes you MUCH tighter and svelte than if you just wasted your muscle away because pounds were almighty important to you. The inches are WAY more telling than some stupid, arbitrary number. Just trust me and start measuring yourself once a week and keep track of it. Try it and tell me if I'm lying.

  2. Lori- I haven't been measuring myself (I sent a reply on my phone but I'm not sure it went through) but I will start this week! I am 100% sure I'm losing inches. The proof is in the way my clothes fit. What do you measure? Waist, chest, neck. Arms? legs? Or would that be too much? :) I'm gonna go get myself a measuring tape tomorrow! I'll be curious to see the changes in a week.

    I'm weighing myself daily but not really looking at it until a week... make sense?

  3. 5 days a week on a plan, and 2 days off. Hmm. Extra 500 calories per off day, 1000-1500 extra per week is 26 pounds extra on Leah in a year. That plan works, to gain weight !!

  4. At the very least, you should measure your waist, thighs, and arms. If you want to keep track of all measurements you can do neck, calves, butt, etc. Include your chest only if it's not going to upset you to see it getting smaller... ;)



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