Thursday, July 28, 2011


I was bored, found my tape measure and decided to measure this morning for fun.  Ummm  Here are the results!  It has been 9 days since I last measured myself.

7/19/11 Measurements and Weight: 187 (really 184 but that's what I weighed on the 19th)
  • Waist (around my belly button): 40"
  • Hips (Around my butt): 45 1/2 
  • Chest (around my chest with my shirt on): 42"
  • Neck: 14.5"
  • Leg: 26.5" 
7/28/11 Measurements and Weight 181 (as of a few days ago)
  • Waist: 37"
  • Hips: 42"
  • Chest: 39"
  • Neck: 13"
  • Leg: 23"

Waist: lost 3 inches
Hips: lost 3.5 inches
Chest: lost 3 inches
Neck: 1.5 inches
Leg: 3.5 inches

WOW I didn't expect to see that at all.  Maybe I pulled tighter?  I dunno.  But heck, even if I pulled a little tighter I wouldn't have pulled 3 inches worth!  :)

I'M A BELIEVER NOW!  I am a true believer on measuring!  WOW!  So very exciting.  Could it be that I measured myself later in the day last time?  Does that make a big difference?  I could see that maybe my waist would be affected by that but not everywhere else.  1.5 inches around my neck?  That's a true change because you can't pull too tight around your neck.  :P  3.5 inches around my leg?  WOW! And one of the first measurements I took around my chest was 38, which would make sense since I just bought a bra size 18.  :)

That is amazing!  I can tell that I feel smaller all over but this really shows proof huh?  WOOHOO!  What a great way to start the day.  I'll do this again on Sunday and make if more official.

Here's a picture of me from the other night out with friends.


  1. Wow, great progress! It does help to have these non-scale victories when the scale seems to be super glued in one spot. My husband has only lost 30 pounds since January 1st despite being totally on plan. However, he has tightened his belt four notches and is now wearing trousers that he could not get into for the past year. Yippe! :)

  2. YAY!!!! See!!!!! The tape measure is your friend! :) I'm very proud of you girl!


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