Thursday, July 28, 2011

Really? My face was how fat?

I use to hate taking pictures because my face showed just how fat I was... had become.  I was looking through some pictures today from the last year and am shocked at what I found!

February 2010 after Lauren was born.  Check out that CHIN!  It is hard for me to find very many pictures of me because I would RUN from the cameras!

This was about a year ago.  I thought I didn't look too bad!  Boy was I wrong.  Look at that chin!  Oh and check me out, 2 drinks.  Do you think I cared about how much sugar or calories were in those?  Probably not.

January 2011 at a get together.  That's my skinny sister.  Check out that chin!  I use to hide my fat by wearing sweatshirts and I thought those jeans I had on were good.  And every time I had my picture taken I would raise my head up like that was going to hide my chins!  Ha! 
My whole face blended in with my neck.  I can't believe what losing a little weight will do to your face.  That was the first things people started noticing.  "I can see it in your face."  Well the proof is in the pictures.  Here is a recent picture.

I think my whole head is getting thinner.  It doesn't look as wide.  And look, I have a neck and 1 chin!  :)
I still have a long way to go but I'm not hiding anymore.  I'm embracing myself and bring on the camera.  I'll pose for it and not feel embarrassed.  I just can't wait to see what I'll look like in a few more months!  :)


  1. You look fantastic and I see a change! be proud beautiful girl!

  2. What a great change! No more hiding your pretty face from cameras!

  3. You are looking amazing! What a difference... Great job!


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