Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Weigh in

Ok so I'm going to start doing a Sunday weigh in each week because I get a bit confused as to how much weight a week I'm losing.  I guess I weigh myself every day and can't remember what I was last week.

Starting weight: 204
Last week: 184
Current Weight: 181
Pounds lost this week: 3
Pounds lost total: 23

That's right people!  I'm making progress!  On the 16th, about a week ago, I weighed in at 184.  On the 12th I weighed in at 182 and then went up for a week to 186 even!  But I think because it was sodium related issues that caused me to gain.  For the past few days I have been drinking water like crazy and I think that's helped me.

So YAY!  I'm just glad I'm going down.  I have 36 more pounds to lose (to get to 145) and then I'll reach my big goal.  I don't plan to stop when I get to 145.  I do plan to keep working out, eating right, and exercising to continue to maintain and maybe lose more.  :)

Here's another happy:

Starting shirt size: XL (stretched at times and some shirt XXL)
Current shirt size: L (some shirts don't work at L but most do)

Starting pant size: 18
Current pant size: 13/14 (not sure what that is in "adult" size and not "teen"?)

Starting dress size: 18 (tight around mid-section and boobs)
Current dress size: 14 (barely, a little snug in the boobs but 16 is too big)

It is so fun to watch the progress.  Am I really going to go down more?  I haven't been smaller than this in a LONG LONG TIME that I can't picture myself really any smaller. 

I love the way my legs look and feel.  They are tighter, more defined, and not so cheesy and squishy.

I am not sure that the mid section flabby baby skin will ever go away.  It appears to be getting smaller (or not as "full" looking) but I don't think it will ever tighten up.

I can tell in my fingers and toes that they aren't as bloated and chubby.  Did you know your hands get fat?  That's just crazy!  Wonder how long before my wedding ring will fit again? (it was always tight, I didn't want it to fall off)

Jason said the other day that I have a knee cap!  My knee is more defined and not covered up by fat.

All these little changes make a big difference.  It's crazy.  :)

I'll take pictures later on today and try to get a comparison shot on here. 

Until we meet again...


  1. Congrats on the loss. You are right that all the little changes do add up!


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