Tuesday, July 19, 2011

These are a few of my favorite blogs...

I like to blog- it's my way of venting to the world about anything I want.  It's my blog, I can say what I want and you can choose to read or not read what I have to say.

I enjoy reading other blogs as well.  Some times I don't agree with what I read but its your blog, you can write what you want to write and I'll read it if I want.  :)

I have found a lot of weight loss blogs and have found a few that I love to read.

The first blog I read every day is So Fat 4 Now.  He is a guy that tends to rub people the wrong way at times (me included) and blogs about his life along with other blogs he reads that rub him the wrong way (me included).  I like his blog because he's the type of person that doesn't give a Sh&*.  He's lost a lot of weight and has more to go and seems to have a plan as to how to get there.  He posts a lot of "food porn" pictures (that I try not to look at!) and posts a lot of thoughts that are just spot on.  His post this morning I felt was wonderful and inspirational and very "get your butt up and do something" type post.  So, go over to this blog and read what he has to say.

Another blog I like to look at is The Slow Roasted Italian.  She posts recipes to some yummy looking food.  I haven't tried any of her recipes yet but I will.  I love reading blogs that have a lot of pictures.  So if you are hungry, go over to The Slow Roasted Italian and see what she's cooking up.  :)


I have a few more blogs I really like to read but my little guy is wanting me to go play Lego Star Wars with him... so I guess I'll have to post a few more later.  :)  Happy blogging.


  1. I like to say Allan has lost a lot of weight and has a little to lose. :)
    He's lost over 200 and only has 50-60 left to lose, that's a little compared to 200. :D
    I looove reading his blog, it keeps me going.

  2. So many blogs to read... Allan's is a fave of mine too!! And seriously... Lego Star Wars?!?! Heck yes go play!! ;) (I have never seen a starwars movie in my life, but I have played Lego Harry Potter with my lil' sis, so fun!!)

  3. Annnnnd, once you get to your ideal weight, you'll need to have a photographer take your picture. ;)
    Please add my blog to your list. ;)
    You're doing great, btw!!!


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