Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 10?

I'm not sure what week I'm on.  I think I'm either finished with week 10 or just starting week 10.

It is so HOT today!  I really want to get out and ride my bike but 1.  I'm SO SORE and 2. It's SO HOT.  I may try later to just go around in the neighborhood (if my butt can take it).

We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese today for a Birthday party.  I didn't eat any pizza (wasn't tempted to, it didn't really look good) and I didn't eat a cupcake (I can pass up sweets any day of the week).  So YAY for that.  I have a watermelon (personal size) in the fridge screaming my name!  I sure hope I haven't waited too long to eat it.  I may do that after I ride my bike.

I had my husband take a picture of be before we left to go to the birthday party (oh and I didn't cringe when my sister told me to sit next to the cute little birthday boy and get my picture made with him... wonder how that turned out).

So, since all the pictures out here that I've posted have been of me all hot and sweaty, no makeup, in spandex.  Here is a picture of me (ha, I'm wearing spandex leggings) in a new dress I got the other day at TJ Maxx for like 12 bucks.

Poo you can't see my freshly painted toes.

Here's a picture of my toes (got them done when I hit the 20 pounds lost mark a few days ago).  :)
Oh and for another comparison, here is me in my "tu-tu prom dress" I made for a party back when I started my journey (I might have posted this already but I can't remember).
Oh and I would like to add that I tried on some old clothes today (even put my jeans that I usually wear on) and some of the clothes I couldn't wear before don't fit anymore!  I was a size 18 and I think I'm at a 14/16 now.  WOOHOO! I tried on a size 14 pair of jeans and they fit.  Kinda snug but wearable for sure.  Such a great motivation!

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  1. You can really see the loss, and that's awesome you fit into your 14 jeans! I have a size 14/16 shirt that fits well but my booty isn't quite ready to squeeze into 14 jeans. Lol* Ever since having babies the fat likes to hang out on my derrierre and stay there for a while! Lol*


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