Thursday, July 19, 2012

Babies, Boobies, and Dr. OZ

Congrats to a friend who just had her first little bundle of joy.  What is it about people having babies that make me want another child?  I've got 3 already (one only a few months old) and I can't stand 2 of them most of the time.  Probably it's that feeling of newness, being in the hospital, that first cry.  Maybe it just brings back the memories of all my children being born.  So happy for first time mommies because I can relate to that feeling they are having.  It is such a joy to bring a child into this world.  It does get rough but to look at the child and know that I created that (well with the help of my husband) is so amazing.... anyway, enough mushy gushy.

I attempted to go walking this evening so I could escape the house (husband doesn't complain if I go walking and he has to deal with the kids) and because I was basically having a meltdown from being around my children who refused to take a nap and were screaming and yelling and fighting ALL DARN DAY! (ok I'm over it, don't want anymore children!)

I went around the block once and passed by a house where people were sitting outside (hmmm not sure why? It was like 100000 degrees outside) and looked down to watch my boobs just bounce (I'm not running, just walking).  Oops, crazy lady should have maybe put on a bra (I was just wearing my nursing tank).  Then I started thinking- my spandex outfit (oh you know the one) doesn't fit my boobs!  Probably because they are milky milky boobs and probably because I've gained a ton of weight! So I can't wait to lose some weight and fit back into my spandex (who knew you could be too big for something STRETCHY!)

Anyway, on to my last post part: Dr. Oz.  Darn you Dr. Oz! Oh and the Doctors (that young doctor is pretty hot!).  I ordered me some cacao powder and oolong tea because the Doctors said it helps boost your metabolism.  We shall see.  I like tea and I like chocolate so this couldn't be too bad.  I wanted to order more and more things but alas I have no money (bought a van to fit the family- another reason I DON'T WANT MORE CHILDREN- though another child would fit in the van).

But back to Dr. Oz- I watched 1/2 of his show tonight (ANOTHER REASON NOT TO HAVE ANOTHER CHILD! you can't ever seem to finish a show) and he was talking about the 99 foods to have or to buy that are quick and easy and healthy for a dieter.  So I will be taking his little (it's actually not little, there are 99 things on there) list and highlighting some of the items on there and hit the store (when I don't have 3 children to take with me, so who knows when that will happen). 

I think I'll attempt his diet for the next few weeks and see how that goes.  It looks like it will flow right into the cabbage soup diet ending....

Speaking of the cabbage soup diet- I haven't had one bowl of soup today!  I can't force myself to eat it.  I'm hungry right now but really have no appetite for anything. 

Today I ate:
Breakfast: Whey Protein shake (no clumps this time)
Lunch: Bag of broccoli stir fry mix with a little Newman's own dressing (which Dr. Oz mentioned on his show today too!), a little ground turkey in it too.
Dinner: 1 filet of tilapia with Mrs. Dash lemon pepper and brown rice (like a couple of spoon fulls), and some mixed steamed veggies (which were also mentioned on Dr. Oz today!) oh and a taste of my lemon butter caper sauce (yummy)

That's it and I haven't really been hungry.  I remember it being this way the last time I started my diet.

I think the problem is that I like to snack for no reason.  So now that I'm conscience of what I'm putting in my mouth and accountable for all of it, I just don't have the desire to snack.

I am starting to feel hungry so I think I might go fix me a bowl of soup or eat some frozen fruit (yeah that sounds yummy).

Laters, baby... :P

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