Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Monday

Gonna attempt to make this a quick update post but you know how I like to ramble.  I have go take a shower and get ready, clean the house a little, and go up to the school to help pass out books to incoming kindergarten students.

So yesterday I went out to dinner and resisted the temptation to eat the bread!  Oh the bread that people brag about.  But I didn't take a bite at all!  I had chicken picatta without pasta and a greek side salad (with too much feta cheese but it was yummy).  For lunch yesterday I had a turkeybacon lettuce and tomato with avocado.  That was yummy.  The turkey bacon tasted like fried bologna more than bacon to me.

So over all I had 1300 calories and was over my sodium for the day.  So I knew I would probably not see a change on the scale.  I was right.  I was back up to 212.5. 

I did go walking yesterday morning but it was only for 30 minutes because it was way too hot.  I had planned on walking again that night but it was super late by the time we got home from dinner (which I have GOT to start eating dinner earlier).

I'm going to make myself go walking tonight after dinner.  I hope I can finally make it to 1 hour of walking.

Anyway, that's really all I have time to write right now. 

Until later...

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