Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holy Freakin' scale batman!

Got up this morning a little nervous to step on the scale.  Not sure why I'm nervous every day.  I'm eating right and working out like I should.

I didn't go walking last night but I did ride my stationary bike until my butt was raw.  I had to stop a few times and stand up.

I snacked around yesterday and the only meal I really ate was dinner.  By snacking, I mean healthy snacking (kashi bar, hummus and melba toast, grapes, etc.)

So I got on the scale today and saw.... drum roll please!!!!! 209!  :) 

9.5 pounds gone for good!

What a great feeling.  It was totally worth me fighting myself about having that darn bowl of cookies and cream ice cream.  Worth fighting myself to get up and ride my bike last night.  Worth forcing myself to walk the extra mile!  :)

In other news, I watched Dr. Oz yesterday.  What a great show.  He was talking about different things to help burn fat in certain parts of your body.  He then talked about raw coffee bean extract to help burn fat all over.  So... I ordered me some and can't want to start taking the pill for a little added boost.  I hope that with me eating better and working out and taking the little coffee pill that maybe it will help me continue to lose.  :)  Or it may not work at all.  Who knows.  At least it's all natural.

My little baby has his 4 month old checkup today.  :(  I can't remember if he gets shots but probably.  I'm taking all 3 kids with me!  :O  Wish me luck.

Speaking of children, Rylan is happily (for the most part) watching sesame street, Conner went with his grandpa to the bank (he gets up and runs across the street almost every morning to see him), and Lauren is just now waking up!  So time to start breakfast, baths, and getting everyone dressed and ready for the day.


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