Wednesday, July 25, 2012

oolong tea?

I'm not sure if I mentioned it in another post but I ordered myself some oolong tea.  It is suppose to help boost your metabolism and help burn fat. There's more research to it here.  I'm not good and remembering everything I hear other than, "it's good for you for some reason."

So I got my order last night and made me a pitcher of the tea today.  My first thoughts were- this has a hint of a coffee flavor.  It's like coffee/tea taste.  Then it kinda brought back memories of our hot tea we had at various Chinese places when we were kids.

I added a little lemon to it and drank me a glass.  :)

I'm going to attempt to drink it for a few weeks along with my diet and exercise and see if I notice any fast results.  If not, at least I'm getting my tea fix without the calories (no sugar added).

Time for dinner.  I think tonight I will just have a protein shake and maybe a kashi honey almond flax seed chewy bar later if I get hungry.

I'm about to go nurse the baby and get my workout gear on and go for a walk (if the hubby lets me go again after last night).  :)

Until later...

(is it funny that I'm actually looking forward to going for my walk?)  :)

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