Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tomorrow's the next chapter in my weightloss journey!

I have laid around for the past few days sleeping the day away and thinking about how I hate my body right now.  So enough is enough.

TOMORROW- July 16th 2012 starts round 2 in my journey towards finding my inner skinny girl.

How am I going to start?  First of all, I'm breastfeeding and have read online many different places that the cabbage soup diet should not be done while breastfeeding.  So, here's what I'm going to do with that diet.  It worked for me in jumpstarting me into eating better last time so I know it will work this time.  But things will have to be different.  I'm going to add 40grams (I think that's right) of protein to this diet and add a few more healthy calories for the baby.  I don't want this to affect my milk supply so if I see that it is then I will up the calories a little.

One of my main.. ok 2 of my main problems right now are: 1.  Eating CRAP throughout the day and 2. SUGAR!  I'm going to stop drinking sweet tea and cokes and drink more water.

I might add in a little fruit juice to my water for flavor but NO more drinking Dr. Pepper's and Sunny D and sweet tea!

I'm going to get back to counting my calories and making note of everything I put in my mouth!

I am going to do it this time!  I'm ready.  I think I laid around the past few days feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on the fact that I've gained a TON of weight since losing it all the last time.

That will just make my journey even more exciting, more weight to lose, more muscle to gain, more pictures to post.  :)

So tomorrow I will dust off my old spandex and take a "before" picture once again.  I will honestly post my weight every week and I will take results pictures.  Oh and like my good friend Lori told me to do, I will take my measurements too!

I really think blogging and taking pictures helped me lose the weight I lost before getting pregnant.  I don't think I could have done it without my blog stalkers and friends constantly cheering me on.

So hello ninja blender, hello cabbage soup, hello whey protein, hello bicycle, hello dusty old tennis shoes, hello pink iPod nano, hello scale, and hello SPANDEX!  It's time to say goodbye to the fat and hello to the skinny!


And on that note, let's think about goals.  I'll round up a couple of pounds and say I weight 220 pounds (ugh that's hard to admit, that's the most I have EVER weighed! Actually right before baby was born I weighed 231 making it a grand total of 50 pounds gained with baby number 3)

So, if my first mini goal is to be under 200 pounds, that would be about 20 pounds to lose which could take me about 2 months?  Could I do it in 1 month if I put my mind to it and really worked my tail off?

I'll try.  So I would like to be under 200 pounds by August 16th.

Then my next goal will be to be out of the 190's.  I'll set that after I reach my first goal.

Tomorrow I'll post my measurements and weight and clothing size and pictures.  Looking forward to grocery shopping tonight!  :)

Until we meet again...

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