Friday, July 27, 2012

Walk Complete!

I tried to get out earlier tonight and go walking while it was still light outside but again that just didn't happen.  I got to talking to my husband about stuff going on and then realized it was getting dark.  Nursed the baby and then it was well after 9 before I put my shoes on, checked facebook and then started walking close to 9:30.

I feel like it is a lot harder to walk just in my neighborhood.  I stay within my neighborhood and the one across the street when it's dark outside for safety.  I sure don't think anything would happen to me but in the event that it does I'd like to be close to home.

I have got to get some new music on my ipod.  I'm getting tired of the same songs.  I need some new inspiration to keep me going.  Suggestions?

I get started fine, find me a song to get me walkin and then get to a good pace and then start to wind down and look to find that I've only gone 30 minutes!  Ugh, I have to then find me a really good song and talk to that inner skinny girl of mine to keep on walking. 

Tonight I found the strength and the will to keep walking.  I won't go into detail about what kept me walking tonight but I found the fire in me to keep on going.

Just a short little snipet tonight, I'll post my weight any my feelings about my weight tomorrow.

I didn't eat horrible today but I had a few bites of things I probably shouldn't have had. 

I have got to force myself to eat breakfast first thing in the morning so I light that metabolism fire and remind myself to eat small snacks (healthy) during the day before I get super hungry and eat anything and everything in sight (didn't do that today but wanted to).

Off to drink some water and stretch and try to sleep (still having a hard time sleeping).

oh and I was thinking (I know, be careful, I could hurt myself doing that), last year I wanted to start a workout group with the teachers at my school.  I ended up getting pregnant and didn't do it.  I think this year I may do something.  We have a nice walking trail around our playground at school. I might start walking right after school is out and then go pick up my kids and then know that my workout is complete and I can enjoy my family.  When I went on maternity leave, I think they started some walking club... when I came back I heard about it but never really knew what was going on.  Maybe I can be more a part of that if we do that again. It just depends on how the school year starts out.  We have like 8 new teachers this year I think.  Big changes this year for sure!  Looking forward to an interesting year.

Until tomorrow...

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