Saturday, July 21, 2012

Working out!

Man I'm sweaty!  I completed my workout today and I'm feeling GREAT!

I started walking about 11:15 this afternoon (I was going to get up earlier but I couldn't seem to get up) and walked for 40 minutes (4,600 steps).  Great way to get a sunburn!  :O  Not sure if I'm burned or if I'm still red from being hot!

I started out great.  I walked my usual old route and got about 1/2 way to my destination and started feeling HOT!  Good thing I brought my water with me (not enough though).  I got to my destination thanks to Michael Jackson and turned around the head back home.  Getting home was hard.  It took all my power to make it back home.  By the time I reached my neighborhood I was hot, unable to really pick my feet up and could barely carry my water bottle.  I made it home and plopped down on the couch and had my hubby (thank you baby) take my shoes off, refill my water (I've already had over 32 oz of water today), and hand me a wet wipe.  What a workout!

I had mixed a free sample of Assault into my water before I started my walk.  I figured it would kick in and help me keep on truckin.  Well it said it would kick in 20-30 minutes... it kicked in about 45 minute later (after I was home)!  So after cooling off and nursing the baby I got up and got on my stationary bike (didn't want to waste the feeling I had).  I rode that for another 40 minutes. 

What a great feeling!  I powered through the pain and kept on truckin!  It is so rewarding to not give up and to power through it and accomplish what you set out to do!!!  GO ME!

Last night I went out to say goodbye to a fantastic teacher and friend.  I had a couple of drinks but didn't overdo it.  I drank 3 huge glasses of water while I was out and did eat a grilled chicken salad (which was just grilled chicken, lettuce, red bell pepper, and some salsa for dressing- smart idea, right?)  :)  The salsa was PERFECT used as a dressing.  I'm going to do that more often.  They did serve it with ranch but I put that to the side and didn't touch it.  Yum yum!

So today I haven't had any soup and I don't think I can.  I think I'm officially cancelling the cabbage soup diet and starting in on my better eating.  I like counting my calories and watching the sodium and carbs and sugars and well everything.  I feel like I have a grasp on healthy eating now and can power through temptations.

Time for a shower cause this fat girl can sweat!  :)

Until next time...


  1. Ok, so between my wife and you, I've decided to take up walking on the treadmill, I'm not too fond of walking in extreme heat. So far, I've able to do it all but one night this past week. I wanted to see how serious I would be before going all in with the calorie counting and food stuff...I mean, I haven't been too bad with food choices, but to be honest, they weren't always the best. Anyway, thank you and Lisa for the inspiration. Keep it up, you're not only making a difference in yourself, but with your blog, you are helping others. Love and miss you guys!

    1. That's what it's all about. The last time I started blogging I got a couple of friends serious in changing their life (maybe more) and those friends lost around 50-60 pounds each and still going strong. That's a person in pounds gone forever! If I can help people get healthy along with me it helps motivate me. You have to be ready mentally and do it for yourself or you won't stick with it. GOOD FOR YOU buddy. Keep truckin' along and I'll keep truckin' along with you. Happy birthday by the way, may this be the year of finding our skinny girls inside us! :P


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