Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Let's go back to actually Monday night.  I went walking.  I told Jason to open the tail gate of his car if there was trouble inside and I would stop by.  So I set out to walk with my water in hand.  I went down to the stop light I had turned around at before (and where I told Jason I would turn around and come back) and was feeling good and decided to go farther.  So I ended up walking the whole street down to where I usually use to stop and turn around (takes me about 30 minutes to get there).  So I knew that I had gone about 30 minutes and would have 30 minutes to return home.  YAY!

It was hard about 1/2 home but then I saw what I thought was a friend.  It was starting to get dark and I was super tired.  When I saw what I thought was her, I started walking faster in hopes of maybe catching up.  Well when I finally caught up to her... it was someone else.  BUT! At least that got me walking faster for a while.  :)

I made it back to home and saw both of our vehicle tail gates open!  :O  Uh oh.  I went in to find my husband cleaning out the garage.  He said that Rylan had cried ever since I left.  I went in and nursed that poor baby who wasn't crying by the time I got back.

1 hour!  I finally made it 1 hour!  :)  That felt like a great accomplishment for me this time around.

So that was that for the end of the day.

Now on to yesterday... I started out the day just fine, had my protein shake, took the kids to boingo bounce (a place with a lot of those blow up jumpy things) and stayed there for an hour and a half.  Then went and ate lunch with Jason.  I resisted the temptation of the yummy buttery bread and pasta again and had me a nice salad with grilled chicken, shrimp, capers, and a Tuscan vinaigrette.  Very light and yummy.

I then took the kids to Shave the Planet (shaved ice) and I had a small sugar free peach.  That was fun and good.  It was hot outside but the kids did ok in the shade.

We came home and I put the kids down for a nap.  Then my brain started working.  That fat girl inside me was speaking to me LOUDLY!  I tried to ignore her but ended up giving into temptation.

I ate nacho cheese Doritos!  Ugh!  And then I ate a couple spoon fulls of goober peanut butter and jelly.

:/  Oh well, we make mistakes and move on from them.  I'm not going to dwell on it but I'm sure I put myself back a few days as far as losing weight.

After our nap we got up and got dressed in our swim suits and went swimming with my sister and her kids. I have no problem putting on my swim suit and going in public anymore.  I'm not self conscience of my fat in a swim suit.  I am what I am and I'm a work in progress.  So people can either chose to look or chose to look away.  :)

I bought pizza for the kids and my husband and I ate a little salad with oil and vinegar.  I think I still felt guilty and sick from eating Doritos and goober crap that I didn't eat much for dinner and drank a lot of water.  I got in the pool and moved my body around for maybe 30 minutes (more of less).

Today, I didn't have breakfast (should have forced myself to have a shake) and ate a nice salad and a frozen burrito.

BURRITO!  Yup!  It's on Dr. Oz's list of foods to eat.  :)  Amy's organic cheese burrito with beans and rice.  It's 310 calories, 9g fat, 580mg sodium, and something like 38 carbs (a lot).  So not back for when I go back to school and have a lunch on the go.

Well today I'm attempting to clean out the kids rooms but Lauren is standing here screaming at me so I think that will have to wait until after nap!  I get so sick of hearing her scream!  Why must children get so far under my skin and drive me crazy one minute and then be so super sweet the next?  Frustrating!

Well until we meet again...

Oh and I guess I should put my weight out here so I'll remember: 213 (yup that's what I get for having too much crap yesterday)

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