Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doing something right!

So I know I must be doing something right because the pounds just keep falling off.  I feel like they are falling off faster than they did the last time I lost weight.

I was still 207.5 the other day.  (my days are getting a little confusing)

I worked really hard in my classroom yesterday, moving furniture and putting things in various places (I have a long way to go). So I knew I had burned a ton of calories.

I drank a ton of oolong tea (watered down a bit) yesterday and ate fairly well (I will admit I ate a little burger that Conner didn't eat).  I had my shake for breakfast, salad from wendy's (they have fairly descent dressings!), and for dinner a salad from chick fil a.  I don't remember snacking last night either. 

Woke up this morning and weighed in!  205.5!  That's another 2 pounds lost!!!  2 POUNDS!  CRAZY!

I worked really hard again in my room.  I ate a small breakfast burrito from sonic and a kid size slush (I know, bad), 1 double cheeseburger from McDonalds for lunch (nothing else, I know that was probably bad too).  I am 100% certain that I burned all those calories working in my room today.

So that puts my weight lost up to: 13 pounds in 19 days!  :)

Sure does feel good. 

Off to put my feet up and rest and maybe take a shower.  :)

Until next time...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another pound bites the dust! And my crazy children!

That's what I sang to myself as I got on the scale this morning!  I was down another 1.5 pounds!  Putting my total up to 11 pounds now.

It just feels so great!  Every day I think I've done bad and then get up to confirm that I am doing great.

I worked out a bit yesterday but it was here and there and not really a full blown hour workout.  I had to stop multiple times to take care of children.  So I'm not really sure how long I worked out. 

It seems to me that I must burn more calories riding my bike than walking.  I sure feel more worn out when I walk though.   I just seem to wake up the next day and have lost weight after riding my bike.  Could be a fluke though.

I taking a break tonight from working out.  It was just too late by the time I got everyone in bed.  I wish I was a morning person and could go walking early early but every time I try, I hit the snooze!

My workout tomorrow is going to be up at school moving furniture and getting my room ready.  If I can just get in there for a few hours and move everything where I want it I will be super happy.  I got some fun stuff from the freebie table at school.  I'm gonna take me some bleach and clean it all up there in the sink in my room.  I'm thinking that my kiddos will do just fine being up there because I have toys for them to play with.  Here's hoping for the best.

I love the app "my fitness pal!"  If you have it you need to add me as your friend!  :)  I'm lhall2 on there.  I love getting out there and I have like 3 friends now.  :)  It is so cool, you can track your weight and measurements, food you eat, and more.  So if you don't have that, you need to get it.  You can also do it through the web.

So this was like a little random post of stuff not in any order.

This is my weight loss blog but I want to blog a few funny things about my children today since I complain talk about them a lot.

Last night I was on my bike and Conner jumped up and got in my chair I usually sit in.  He grabbed my boppy pillow and his bear.  He said, "I'm gonna sit in your chair and nurse my bear."  I quickly grabbed my camera!  HOW FUNNY!  He's gonna hate me for taking that picture when he's older.

Today I had Conner with me at school while we tested our incoming kindergarten students.  Conner got up into a teacher's loft in her room and it wasn't ready for kids yet.  The teacher told him to come down and his response was, "I'm not coming down until you tell me to come down PLEASE."  So she did and he came down!  HA!  He got up there on a different time and told another teacher that he wouldn't come down until she said pleasy cheesey!  What an ornery little child I've raised!

But lucking he found a teacher who he likes and is quite attached to.  In the car on the way to lunch he told her to sit by him and gave her a set of headphones so she could watch Fraggle Rock with him.  So cute.  She doesn't know what she's in for... or maybe she does.  I think he will do great with her.  She says that she is very structured, which is what I think he needs. 

Today my father-in-law watched Lauren and Rylan while I was up at school.  I came home after lunch to drop off Conner and walked into my father-in-law covered in bright orange baby poo.  He said that Rylan had a massive blow out!  HA!  He then told me when I got home that for some reason the diapers I have for him just don't seem to fit right or they were too big.  I walked in the room to find a sleeping Rylan in one of Conner's shirts and Lauren's diaper.  :)  No wonder they don't fit right.  But I can't blame the poor old man, he is going blind.  :)  I'm just happy to have family close enough that are willing to help out.

Tonight Jason put Lauren to bed.  He was very proud of himself that she didn't scream like she has been doing.  He walked over and said, "Wanna know how I got her to bed without screaming!?"  He said he put all of her babies face down and told her she had to be quiet because all of her babies are sleeping.  :)  HA!  The things we do to trick our children.  A friend of mine reminded me of that Febreze commercial.  I tried to find it on youtube but couldn't. 

And on that note... I'm tired!  Off to bed I go!

Until we meet again my little blog stalkers!...

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