Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mom's night out, Zumba, Fit tests

That's me in middle, my sister on the left of the picture and my friend Missy on the right.  :)

Good Sunday afternoon.  I haven't done much today but recover from my mom's night out last night.  Fun late night out with the girls.  Glad Jason and his friend were able to come take everyone home (including my van).  :)

I'm still working towards finding my inner skinny girl.  The Easter candy is gone out of sight and I haven't had any in a while.  I'm still plugging in everything I eat and watching what I eat but eating what I want to eat.... if that makes sense.

Poor Rylan has been sick all week with some chest crud.  He's on an inhaler and antibiotic and seems to finally not sound so wheezy.  On Friday, the plan was for me to go get him from my father-in-laws house and take him to daycare during my planning time, if he was feeling better.  I had hoped that plan would work out and he would feel better.  :/  But when I went to get him he just cried and looked pitiful and sounded aweful, so I called my principal and told her and she found someone to cover my class.  Thank goodness for a wonderful family at school!  :)

So... I had planned to go back up to school, get Conner, and come home.  But, I felt really bad for a friend who has been doing fantastic at working out every day she can after school.  Well on Friday they had to cancel out insanity workout because it was raining outside and there is an after school program that walks the track outside.  She came to my room to see if I had planned to stay and I told her about Rylan being sick.  When I got home and dealt with Rylan I started having a pep talk with my lazy skinny girl inside and she and I agreed that we needed to workout.  So I texted my friend and told her that we could do Zumba in my room after school.  :)  I put on my workout clothes and went up to school with Rylan!  :)  We did the "Basics," learning the moves of Zumba and at first we thought we weren't going to get a good workout doing that but then the sweat came and we were feeling the pain and it was GREAT!  I love walking out into the cold air after being all hot and sweaty. 

So all that to say... I LOVE working out.  Sometimes it takes a pep talk to get me in my clothes and into the workout mode but man I love how I feel after it's over.

I'm down to 187.5.  Looking at my fitness pal, this time last year I weighed 213.5.  And at my highest weight I was 218.


Highest weight to now is: 30.5 pounds down
This time last year to this year is: 26 pounds down
And my 3rd round (or so) of losing weight from 200 to now is: 12.5 pounds down

I haven't done my measurements yet but once I get back down to where I ended before I got pregnant, I'll start back at measuring and compare that to what it was last time.  (and I can't find my dang measuring tape... Conner probably took it... so I'll have to get another one).

Jason has mentioned to me that my chest looks smaller... my bra is also telling me I'm smaller because the darn thing is too big and I was able to put on a bra I couldn't wear previously because I would pop out on top!  HA!

I can't wear my size 18 pants anymore... or if I do, they basically fall down before the days over.

I put on 2 pants that a friend gave me (her fat pants when she had lost weight) and they now fit me again.  Size 14!

So, that's 2 pant sizes down so far and only 12.5 pounds gone really.

So does weight matter, not so much right now.  It seems that everything isn't as full and bloated and kinda like a deflated baloon.  I think maybe, I'm just starting to tighten up again.

OH and we did the insanity fit test last week.  We had done it about a month ago (first day of insanity) and wrote down everything we could do.  So, here are my results from the first fit test to the 2nd fit test:

Fit test 1/2 (first number is the first fit test in March, second number is the most recent fit test on April 22)

Switch Kicks: 80/89   9 more
Squat Sacks: 15/30    15 more (twice as many!)
Power Knees: 40/77  37 more (WOW!)
Power Jumps: 0/13   13 more
Globe jumps: 4/4.5   .5 more (HA!)
Suicide Jumps: 5/6    1 more
Push up Jacks: 2/0     (I think I pushed myself too hard and couldn't breathe by this time)
Plank Obliques: 20/30  10 more

So, it's fun to see my fitness level is improving.  I can tell I have more energy and don't make excuses like, "hey Conner can you go get me the remote right there on the other couch."  Instead, I just get my lazy ass up and get the darn thing.

It's funny how I think in "calories" now.  Like, last night when we went out, we went dancing and I did more jumping and bouncing around because I figured I would burn more calories that way.  HA!

And, whenever Jason asks me to go get something or do something I think about how many extra calories I'd burn doing that.  :P

So, I'm on my way to finding that skinny girl.  She speaks strongly to me now and the fat girl inside gets her say less and less.  This morning though I ate close to 1000 calories for breakfast because I was so hungry and tired and couldn't get her to shut up!

But it's a life change, not a diet, so I can eat what I want and not kick myself up over it and get right back into the groove of things.

I'm gonna put on my spandex and head over to my father-in-laws house in a little bit to workout on his recumbent bike, ab lounge, and elliptical.  :)

May the odds be ever in your favor and it's never to late to become the person you might have been so get moving!

Until we meet again...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

10 pounds gone and still going strong!

I keep forgetting to come out here and blog, so while I'm waiting on my husband to stop playing minecraft so we can go do some shopping, I thought I'd post a little update.

It has been about 3 weeks now since round 3 of this journey began.  I hit a point where I thought I wasn't going to lose a pound but after going to the bathroom finally, the scale is moving in the right direction!  :)

I weighed in this morning at 190 even!  That means, 10 pounds closer towards finding that sexy inner skinny girl burried inside.

I have found the motivation and the determination and the desire inside me to lose this weight.  It took me a while to find that skinny girl voice but now she's stronger than ever!  I'm ready to do this!  I have done great logging in all of my food on myfitness pal and working out around 4-5 times a week (if not more).

I got me a heart rate monitor yesterday and love it!  I was so excited to go put it on and go for a walk.  I took my little 3 year old in the stroller today for a walk and watched my heart rate go up and up.  :)  We went for about 30 minutes (could have gone longer but it was kinda hot and I was out of water).  I got home and my monitor said I burned 316 calories in 30 minutes.  I put it into my fitness pal and it said I had only burned 167 calories... so I like my heart rate monitor, more accurate for me.

I got my heart rate up to 169 at the max and averaged at 151.  I'd say that's pretty darn good.

I have been doing insanity almost every day after school unless I had something to do... I did skip out on a doctor's appointment because I really wanted to work out and was sad to miss it!  CRAZY!? probably, but it felt so good to sweat and push myself.

I can't wait to work out on Monday and see how many calories I really burn doing that crazy workout.  If I burned 316 calories just walking for 30 minutes, imagine how many I'm burning doing 45 minutes of pure hell... err cardio!  :)

We went out to eat last night and I was so hungry but right when my yummy burger got there I cut it in half and only ate half of it, no fries, and part of my salad.  I was stuffed!  I did have a skinny raspberry lemonade (80 calories).  When I plugged it into my fitness pal I was glad I only ate half because that darn burger was over 1000 calories and 59 grams of fat!  So I only had 500 for half.  :)

I am ready for the Easter candy to be gone from the house but am glad that it's in very small portioned sizes because I tend to get hungry at night and that's the first thing that pops into my mouth and at night it's hard for me to get that fat girl to shut up!

I'm working towards getting back in shape and healthy enough to be able to do a 5K maybe this summer sometime.  Gotta keep on working out and losing that weight!  :)

I look forward to having more energy and being able to move more without getting out of breath so I can enjoy the summer with my children. 

Well my 3 year old just came up to me and asked me to play with her... so I guess I'd better do that before she throws a fit and who can resist those big puppy eyes! 

Until we meet again... (Go drink some water and go for a walk.  Get healthy and motivate someone else to do the same!)

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