Saturday, May 4, 2013

Then and Now- sizes

Ok so I have been wearing an old bra the past week or so and didn't look at the size until today.  My nursing bra I had been wearing since having Rylan was a 42DD.  Today I put it on and it was HUGE!  So, I looked at the size of my old/current bra I'm wearing and it's a 38D.  :)  So that's a sure sign that the girls are shrinking!

I have also been wearing my size 14 jeans that a friend gave me when she lost a lot of weight (her "fat" pants) and I used to not be able to button them under my fat but now I can button them OVER my belly!  So that just shows that my tummy is shrinking (might not be tightening up, still squishy)!

I don't know why this shocks me every time.  I mean, I know I'm down 33.5 pounds since having a baby and 15 pounds since March but I just suprise myself every day. 

I think its about time for me to start taking comparison pics!  I wish I had a good picture of me right after I had baby.... hold on... I just might...

Ok, I know I had just had a baby the day before but here I am back in March, 30th 2012:

YUCK!  But then again... I had just had a baby!  My arms are HUGE!  My tummy is too... but this is 1 day postpartum.

Here I am April 2012 going to Moxie Mama Mom prom- I made this out of duct tape!  :)  But look at those girls!  They are huge! 
So, now I need to take a comparison picture just to see how I looked then to how I look now and then how I looked before I got pregnant to how I look now. 

Well I did take pictures of me but not much to show... I look about the same as I did the last time I lost weight.  So I'll wait to do more comparison pics once I lose more weight.  :)

Time to take the kids to get their hair cut! 

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