Sunday, June 30, 2013

My body just can't let go...

I know we retain water at certain times of the month... which just sucks!

I like seeing progress on the scale.  I know, I know, don't look at the scale all the time, don't worry about the scale, think about how your clothes are fitting, weight isn't everything, bla bla bla!

I can't help but get a little bit frustrated when I step on the scale and see it going up.  I have been going up for the past week... or maybe it's only been a few days but it seems like a lot longer.

Yesterday it was 175 and today it was 176.  Bleh!

I was 173.5 earlier.

And what I find interesting is that my body likes to hang out in the middle.  Like in the middle of the 90's then 80's and now 70's.  I see a pattern!  I get so excited when I get to the middle and then look forward to it going back to the next generation but then it kinda sticks there for a lot longer than I'd like.

I know I'm doing great and losing weight and losing inches and whatever but COME ON!  I drank a ton of water yesterday and went for a morning walk and worked in the house and did pretty great (we won't talk about Mcdonald's dinner last night, and I was still not too far over in my calories).

Ok, so enough rant about that!  I'm sure it will go back down in a few days, I just wish women's bodies didn't do this too us, we're emotional people already, don't play games with us on the scale!

AND!  I seem to be constipated so I look forward to when I do finally go to the bathroom, surely I'll be down 3-4 pounds after that!  SHEESH!  (sorry, you know me, TMI!)

I'm drinking my AMP (from GNC) wheybolic extreme protein shake (blends really well and tastes really good) this morning and then I'm off for my walk.

Here's a question for the girls who read this- does it hurt your pelvic bone area or area around there when you run?  I can walk and walk and walk before I ever get a little pain down there but I guess gravity doesn't like me and it hurts down there when I run.  I'm fine once I stop for a while and rest at home and am not sore the next day or anything, just when I'm running.  So, I have decided to just walk and not add in too much running because for 1- I get worn out and can't last long enough and 2- it hurts!

In some non-weightloss stuff:

I have a problem with cleaning- I HATE IT!  I don't like doing laundry, hate doing the dishes, can't stay organized, not sure where everything goes, etc... CLEANING is my arch enemy!  But... it has to get done and I talk to myself (yeah I'm a bit crazy) and try to motivate myself to get up and clean.  So my latest motivation has been the fact that we are going to Branson on Wednesday and I'd like to come back home to a fairly clean house. 

See every time we go anywhere when we walk in the door there is always this stressful yucky feeling of what's to come.  We walk in and it's just not a happy environment.

So this time I'm motivated to walk in the door and have a sense of happy that all I have to do is put the clothes away and other various things from our trip.

That works, right?

So the past few days I have been doing laundry like a mad women.  I can't count with my fingers how many loads of clothes I've done but as of last night I put the LAST load in the washing machine!  It already feels so much nicer around the house.

I've tried to keep up with the dishes and I've done pretty well with that. 

I've also tried to keep up with cleaning the toys that my children like to scatter about the house, picked up and I've done ok with that.

We cleaned out Rylan's room yesterday and cleaned out my husband's sock drawerS last night (long story and lots of socks!).

I gave away 2 bags of maternity and baby clothes, a bouncy seat and some other toy items to a friend who's having baby number 3 and gave away everything like I did because she thought she was done- just a friendly reminder (in the voice of Bob Barker) to have your husband or wife spade of neutered.  :) 

I have another big bag of baby clothes for another friend.

I also got rid of 2-3 more bags of clothes and need to go through the older kids clothes again because I can't fit all of their clean clothes in their drawers!  :O

I sat down on he couch last night to watch TV and had this sense of completion and satisfaction and a lot lighter than when I usually sit down. 

I tell myself all the time that it sure does feel good when the house is clean and then not 1 hour later, the house is in shambles again.  But I'm trying.  I'm trying to keep my body healthy and this house healthy.  It sure is a lot of work!

I'm hoping that once I keep the house in order then maybe in the fall we can get someone to come clean once a week or twice a month.  We've always talked about it but then always say, "we have to get the house clean before we can have someone clean."  HA!  It's so silly but so true.

Ok this is becoming a novel again... time to leave my blogging world and head outside for a nice morning walk! 

Until we meet again...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Updated Measurements...

Today I decided to do my measurements again just for the heck of it.  Here are the results (some good, some bad, some weird?)

6/9/13 Measurements and Weight 178.5
  • Waist: 38.25"
  • Hips: 43.5"
  • Chest: 42"
  • Neck: 12.125"
  • Leg: 26.375"
  • Arm: 12.75" 
6/27/13 Measurements and Weight 173.5
  • Waist: 38.25"
  • Hips: 42.75'
  • Chest: 39.75
  • Neck: 13.5"
  • Leg: 23.5'"
  • Arm: 12.5" 

So about 5 pounds lighter but I'm sure I have more muscle. I've been walking more and doing the kettlebell so I'm sure since earlier this month I have gained muscle.

Waist: SAME (well it's probably all that darn extra skin)  :/
Hips: almost an inch (.75)
Chest: 2.25 inches (the amazing shrinking boobs!)
Neck: getting bigger?  But it looks smaller?  Weird.  Is that because muscle? up 1.375 inches!
Leg: almost 3 inches (2.875)!  I knew walking and doing more squats was gonna help!
Arm: .25 of an inch.  Not bad for my arm!

So obviously some of this will vary depending on where I measure.  I had my husband do my measurements the last time so he might place the measuring tape a little differently than I do.  Eventually I will figure out where I put it and things will be closer to exact.

Feeling bad about my belly!  I knew it was still poking out there but getting less bloated looking?  Gotta find me some workouts or things to do to help with my belly!

Feeling good about my legs.  I knew that back towards the beginning of this month I was not working out like I should be and over the next couple of weeks I lost 3 inches!  Makes a difference, huh!

But what's up with my neck?  Maybe it's a fluke?  Who knows.  Maybe doing those "halo's" with the kettlebell is working those neck muscles and making them bigger?

I feel like I have more muscle under my skin.  Is that weird?  Maybe its just my imagination?  :)  My skin feels (well with the exception of my belly and under my arms) tighter. 

So, in the end, I'm losing inches.  I may not be losing pounds like I'd hope to but I'm making progress and feeling better about myself.  This is a long process.  It will take time to get to my goal.  I've just gotta stick with it!

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy today but I'm still not done...

It was a real eye opener last night when I was looking at pictures of me.  I am completely blown away by the progress I've made.  It really makes me excited for what's to come.

I am not yet near my goal of 145 pounds (and hopefully I'll lose even more than that once I'm there).

I lost another pound, putting me at 174. (44.5 pounds lost)

My husband and I were talking about what my ultimate goal is and really I don't know what my "ultimate" goal is.  I just want to feel good about my body 100%.  So who knows when that will be?

Right now I have issues with my tummy.  Though I know it is slowly going away there is still remnants of the 3 children I have had.  I'm wondering if it will ever tighten up.  Or will I be left with all this skin?  Maybe some day when I get down to a certain weight I'll be able to get a tummy tuck? 

It is such a great feeling to be "sculpting" my body.  I'm enjoying the thought that this is a long process and it's not just going to happen overnight.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to lose weight and get in shape. 

It is hard for me to get the exact words out that I want to say.

I look at my body not in disgust anymore but it awe of what I am becoming.  With every pound lost I get closer to finding that inner skinny girl.  1 pound may not sound like a lot... but think of what it looks like in the palm of your hand...
So, I've lost 44.5 handfuls of this stuff!  Here's what 20 pounds of fat looks like!

I've lost 2 of these (and then some)!  Make you want to start working out?  Make you want to stop giving excuses for why you can't work out and get healthy?

What's your excuse?  I have 3 young kids who keep me very active and busy.  I have a house to attempt to clean.  I have a full time job during the school year.  I have meetings and doctors appointments and dentist appointments and sicknesses and etc etc... I'm busy too.

Can't make the time?  Really? 

If you chose to not make the time or give yourself excuse after excuse of why you can't work out then maybe you are just not mentally ready to lose the weight.

I don't want to hear that you don't have the time.  You can find 30 minutes in your day to go for a walk.  Get up earlier, do it after the kids have gone to bed.  That's what I try to do. 

I was watching a video about weight loss motivation and what she said is so true.

YOU are the person who got yourself overweight.  YOU are responsible for what goes in your body.  No one made you overweight.  So, YOU are the only one who can lose the weight that YOU gained. 

So get up and make today your new day of your journey.  I'd love to have more friends join me in finding their inner skinny girl/boy. 

And on that note, I've got dishes to clean, diapers to change, laundry to fold, toys to throw out, and mouths to feed... and later tonight- a kettlebell workout and walk to complete!

Until next time... get moving!

PICTURES! 43.5 pounds gone!

Ok so I have been looking at my blog and realized that yes I was indeed 218.5 pounds last year.  So even though I went off track for a while, I started back after Rylan was born last July, 2012.  So I'm gonna just quit with the confusion of what was my starting weight and just go with my heaviest after having Rylan at 218.5.

So that puts my weight lost so far at 43.5 pounds.

I had my hubby take a few pictures of me tonight (probably should have waited until the morning when I'm less bloated... but I was curious to compare things!

So, here are my comparison pictures.  The left side was from July 2012 (218.5) and the right side is from today, June 24th (175).

Bye Bye Boobies!

bye bye butt and belly!  
It's a good feeling to see this!  I've come a long way since last year and I have a long way to go until I'm satisfied.  I'd say until I'm done... but I will never be done.

Thanks for reading my blog... until we meet again...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Issues to discuss... and my meal for the week

So I have a few issues to discuss...

I take medicine for my ADD.  It's a great mood booster and appetite suppressant.  When it kicks in, I can go 90 miles an hour!  Well, while it's in my system I don't feel hungry... like AT ALL.  I don't even think about food until all of a sudden it's the middle of the day and I realize I haven't eaten anything. 

So, here's my problem. I may not hit my calorie goal for the day... so should I force myself to eat when I'm not feeling hungry?  Maybe I already know the answer.  Maybe I just need to eat smaller meals throughout the day.  Yeah yeah I've heard that a lot.  I may just have to set me an alarm to remind myself to eat.  Because when I get busy, I just don't think about it. 

I did drink my protein shake this morning when I got up and I'll try to eat something for lunch.  I just feel like at times I'm forcing it down.  :/

Ok so moving on to another issue- ... crud I can't remember... oh yeah! 

I started adding in a good 30 minute kettlebell workout to the mix.  Now, I have always heard that when you start weights that your weight will go up and then back down.  So, how long does it take for it to go back down and how much would I go up?  I weighed last week at 175 and I was up to 176-177 the past few days.  Now granted I'm working out at night and having my recovery protein shake before bed.  So maybe I'm just holding onto that? 

I feel good about adding weights.  Last night's 2nd kettlebell workout didn't seem as bad as the first and I'm still a bit sore but not bad like I was the 1st workout.

Ok and flaxseed... I've never had it but hear about it a lot.  I was thinking about adding that to some of the foods I'm going to cook this week.  What does it do?  Is it just a good source of fiber and a filler that helps make you feel full?  Guess I need to read up on that a bit.

But thinking about this week, my husband kept telling me that since I'm home this summer I should really menu plan and cook more at home.  We get into the habit of waiting until the last minute to decide where to eat and then end up eating crap and it's so expensive).

So here's my menu for the week:

Monday: Lemon Butter Chicken with Sauteed spinach and mushrooms, baked sweet potato
Tuesday: Pancake bar, eggs, bacon (canadian bacon and egg whites for me, and I'm wondering if you can buy whole wheat pancake mix?  Oh and I'm gonna look for sugar free syrup)
Wednesday: Fish Tacos with chipotle-lime sauce (the sauce is made with greek yogurt)
Thursday: Salmon with sweet potatoes and asparagus (I make a pretty good broiled salmon!)
Friday: Meatloaf with mixed veggies (this is when I was going to add flaxseed to the meatloaf)
Saturday:  Chicken nuggets with sweet potato chips and fresh fruit (with possibly flaxseeds in with the chicken and it's baked chicken)

Sounds pretty yummy.  We'll see.  :)

And on that note it is time for me to get ready to go grocery shopping. 

I'm down to 2 children so far and my father-in-law is going to take Lauren with him today!  So it will just be me and Rylan shopping!  WOOHOO!  I think I can do that!  :)

Until we meet again!...

Friday, June 21, 2013

No pain no gain, right?

And the pain sets in!  No pain no gain, right? 

I am defiently feeling the results from last night's workout.  It's good to know I worked out many new muscles... or muscles I didn't know I had!  :P

My back seems fine.  My arms are sore.  My shoulders are sore.  My legs feel fine.  My neck seems fine.  My abs are sore.  My abs haven't been sore in a very long time... see I thought they were burried deep beneath the baby belly flap.  But they must have gotten a good wake up call last night.

Now I'm not good at all the muscle names and such... Let me find a picture...  ok so looking at this picture  these following muscles are in pain!  1.  Deltoid- probably the part that hurts the worst 2. Triceps- though my biceps are fine... I probably work them out more on a daily basis 3. A little on the Latissimus Dorsi 4. and maybe just a touch on my Trapezius 5. and of course the Abdominal muscles 6. This picture doesn't show it but the extensor of the hand?  the top part of my arm below my elbow

Feels good to know that I got a decent workout... but good grief I'm sore and I know that tomorrow is only gonna be worse!  :)

I think I'll go walking tonight and give myself a little break.

Time to go change a stinky diaper or lock myself in my room!  I love my children but why must they be like little flies the moment I get on the dang computer?!


Listen to your inner skinny girl

Not sure what I want to blog today but I just wanted to get out here and type.  I'll let my fingers guide the way.

I went to the store and got me my first kettlebell yesterday.  I figured I'd better get me one that's gonna do something, so I got the 20lb one. I was looking forward to the kids going to bed last night so I could do a workout!  HA!  Who does that?  Who looks forward to sweating and the pain and aggony of working out?  ME!  I have grown to enjoy working out and get a little giddy inside when I finally find the time to do it.

I turned on my computer and put on a youtube video and did it!  :)  Man what a great feeling.  Here's the video I watched:  

I think it was a great little beginners kettlebell workout but man was I tired.  I can walk miles but my arms are kinda weak.  20 pounds is a lot of added weight to throw around but I'm glad I could do most of it.

I didn't wake up super sore today... maybe tomorrow it will hit me. 

After I was done I drank me a huge glass of water and had my isolates protein shake.

Got up this morning on the scale and I was up a little but that was to be expected since I had my shake so late last night.

My hubby told me he could tell in my face that I've lost weight.  He said my neck looks longer.  Guess it's kinda like a turtle emerging out of it's shell.  :) 

Went to the store yesterday with 2 of my children and Jason's dad cause I wanted to look for a smaller workout outfit.... impossible!  With 2 screaming children!  Ugh!  Rylan was tired and Lauren was being her typical bratty self!  So, I told Jason he would have to let me go sometime or he could go get something for me.  Size Large- easy enough!  I did get a sports bra but I don't really like it... but I'll wear it.

Speaking of wearing... I tried on my swim suit (size16) yesterday and WOW it doesn't fit.  I mean, I can wear it but I'm afraid that the minute I jump in the water (well I never really jump) that it's gonna come right off.  The back of the top is all loose and wrinkly and my boobs don't quite fill out the top.  Last year, my boobs about overflowed from the top (had to keep shoving them down in there) and the bottoms barely went around my waist.  GOOD FEELING!... No GREAT FEELING!

I can't remember how much I weighed before getting pregnant with Conner but I really think I was maybe about 180 or so.  I had been 180 for a while.  So I'm finally breaking through the other side.  I'm so excited about this.  So excited that my body is letting go of the weight.

I feel free.  I feel accomplished.  I feel that I can do it.  I can lose the rest of this weight and reach my goal of being healthy and feeling good about myself.

See... weight has always been on my mind.  Food has always been a constant in my mind.  What's for lunch?  Where are we going for dinner?  I shouldn't eat that cake but eh in "MODERATION" right?  It's a neverending struggle.  "If you eat that, you're gonna get fat."  "Look at you eating that cake, wonder what those people over there are thinking about that fat person."  "Look at your tummy, everyone can see how it pokes out."  "you're face looks so fat in the McDonalds drive thu window... but eh, go ahead and eat that burger in the car first and then take in your little kids meal, people won't know."

I mean SERIOUSLY!  ENOUGH with the fat girl talking in my head.  I don't hear her as much anymore.  I hear the skinny girl all giddy with excitement about working out.  I hear the giddy girl excited when I pass up the cake or only take a bite of bread and then leave the rest.  I hear the skinny girl say "water" every time she eats out or "no cheese" and "oil and vinegar dressing."  I'm proud of what I am becoming.  I'm proud of putting the fat demon girl in the back of my mind.  She does come out ever so often but I can hush her sometimes with a big glass of water!

Does that make sense?  Well it may seem silly or it may seem like I need to be admitted somewhere for hearing voices.  :P

Anyway, stop listening to your fat girl talk and start trying to hear that skinny girl (or boy) in your head and just do what she/he says to do!  Give your fat girl the finger and move away from those doughnuts!  :P

Off to take a shower and go run my errands (well I ain't really running cause I have 2 children to take).  :D

Until we meet again... I'll leave you with a funny...I had thai food last night so this little commercial is quite fitting!  LOL!

If only that would work!  The world would have some big boobs everywhere!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time to build some muscle!

Went walking tonight!  Ran some too.  Felt good to be outside and the weather wasn't too bad.  I was a little worried of walking or running with my mouth open because there were so many lightning bugs!  When I was a kid, I was riding my bike and swallowed a big bug!  It went straight down... so ever since then I think about that when I'm out at night.  :O

What really gets me going is when I start thinking about how nice it's gonna be when I hit my goal weight and size.  That really puts a little umph in my step.  Makes me smile that I'm actually getting closer to that goal.

But I think the time has come now for me to start adding some weights to the mix (yeah yeah Jason and Chris, you've been telling me this for a while... but I think I'm ready now).  But I am so clueless as to what to do with them.  How many sets and reps and whatever that means.

I've heard about kettle bells but really have no clue what to do with them either.  I looked up a few youtube videos and I think I may go look into getting me one... two?  I dunno.  Let's hope the people at the sport store can help me tomorrow and I hope the kids cooperate while I'm looking. 

Now I just need to figure out how heavy of one to get!  I mean, I don't want to get one that is too light but I don't want to get one that's too heavy.  Guess it's like Goldy Locks.  Gotta get one that's just right.  :)

And I might as well get me some new tighter spandex while I'm there.  The ones I have don't hold me in anymore.  Oh and my feet have shrunk a size!  My size 10 tennis shoes are a bit big.  My foot might be back down to a 9!

Did I mention that I am 1 pound shy from being 10 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with baby 3?  Yeah... baby 4 ... well if I say it then something will happen.  Let's just say that I know for a fact that baby 4 isn't coming... man I need to go get "fixed."  Scares the crap out of me of the thought of having another one!  I love my children but 2 is plenty... and I've got 3. 

Ok, I'm off to drink me a huge glass of water (you thought I was gonna say wine didn't ya!)  :P and see what's recorded for me to watch.  When I came home from my walk tonight, Jason was watching Warm Bodies.  Such a great movie. 

Until we meet again...  (I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet baby number 3 all wrapped up in his moby wrap cause he's not feeling good, poor guy)  Love how instagram makes me look a little bit tan (and I'm so not!)

Bump, bump, bump, another pound bites the dust....

Bump, bump, bump, another pound bites the dust....

That's the song singing through my head this morning.  Didn't expect to see much change on the scale this morning when I stepped on it.  But then I had to wipe the crud out of my eyes and take another peek at the scale to see if what I saw was real... yup...

175.5!  :) 

I just surprise myself every day.

I can only imagine what it's gonna be like to be out of the 70's and into the 60's!  :O  I haven't seen the 60's in many many years.

Jason said he noticed that my jeans were basically falling off of me yesterday and my mom said I looked so skinny (thanks guys).  But yeah... I haven't washed those jeans in a while either.  :P

I am in my workout clothes, I went to sleep in them.  I had planned to get up and go walking before Jason left for work this morning but I was so dang tired.  I couldn't fall asleep until almost 2am last night. 

See, our 10 year wedding anniversary is in August and we are trying to plan a trip some where. It's hard because we don't have a ton of money but want to go somewhere far away.  Not sure who's gonna watch our kids even.

I'd love to go to Australia... but that's probably out of the question.
He'd love to go to DC.
I'd love to go to NYC.
There's always some beach somewhere but which one and they all cost money.  :/
Oh and then how fun would it be to go to Maine to have some lobster!
Or Vegas but I think it would be way too hot for Jason (I can stand the heat some).

So, we will keep looking and maybe I will find something.

What a happy day today.  I just keep thinking about being down yet another pound.  Makes me wanna get up and dance.

So instead of counting how many pounds I've lost, let's look at how many pounds I have left until I reach my ultimate goal (which I could beat some day).

I have about 30 more pounds to go.

My goal for when I start back to school in August would be to get to 150.  That would be 25.5 pounds.... not sure I can lose that much by then... but let's see... we have 7.5 more weeks.  So if I was to lose 1.5 pounds a week that would allow me to lose about 11 pounds, which would put me at 164.5.

Now if I lost 2 pounds a week that would give me 15 pounds to lose, which would put me at 160.5. 

So maybe my goal for starting back to school could be to get down to 160.  That sounds fairly doable.

Now I gotta get my butt in gear and get on some kind of workout schedule.

Ugh, I'd post more but my little princess has awoken from her royal bed and is now in my bed requesting Dora and Milk.  Time to go attend to my high maintenance spoiled little princess.

Until we meet again...

Monday, June 17, 2013

About the kids and down 1.5 pounds!

It's a rainy Monday but I feel that it's going to be a productive day! 

Got up earlier than I wanted today... 8:00ish.  Got the kids ready and took Conner to his summer school.   On the way home I stopped and got the other kids breakfast and resisted the temptation to get donut holes or pancakes for me!  I ate an egg Mcmuffin from Buger king and still feel like eating but I'll give it a while and get my mind off of food cause I know I'm not really hungry, just feel like eating everything in sight!

Had a busy Father's day yesterday.  I took the kids to church and then my parents and grandmother out to lunch.  I had fish tacos and I didn't eat the chips and salsa it came with or the tortillas.  It was pretty good.  Conner had a major meltdown that lasted from the time church was over until we got home from lunch!  That child drives me crazy some times. 

Then he can be so darn cute and sweet.  I woke him up this morning to get him ready and he sat up and hugged me and then kissed my hand.  I love that my child still loves me like that.  He loves to cuddle and loves to lay in the bed and watch tv snuggled up right next to me.

Today I plan to clean the house yet again!  I get so sick of cleaning the darn house and then not 5 minutes later it looks like I have done nothing or sometimes worse.  I swear Rylan (the youngest) walked (love watching him walk!) into the living room and fussed at me because I had put the blocks away and then proceeded to throw ALL of the blocks out onto the floor, fussing at me about it while he did it.  HA!

I'll walk around the house and find Lauren's "friends" in various places, eating various foods and wrapped up in blankets taking "naps."  While it's so cute to see her interact with her dolls and stuffed animals, sheesh kid!  I bought you a little baby bed for them to sleep in!  Not in the hallway, not in the living room on a couch (which she told me I couldn't sit there because her Dora was watching TV.  She's so stinkin' cute!

I love my children!  I love them, get mad at them, love them, get so frustrated with them, kiss them all over their dang heads!

Anyway, so back to Father's day.  After lunch, I came home and made deviled eggs, then went to a BBQ place to pick up some meat and sides and then came back home to pack everyone up and head over to Jason's grandparents house for dinner.

WE NEED TO DO THAT MORE OFTEN!  They have a nice back patio and a huge (I think it must be 3 acres or more... not sure) yard!  We had such a nice time letting the kids play and Pa-Pa showed them his tool shop (he works on old cars) and found an old bike that was Jason's brother's bike when he was a kid.  He cleaned it off and all of a sudden Conner started riding a bike without training wheels!  I was inside getting food ready and happened to peek out the window to see what the kids were doing and PaPa was out there pushing Conner and then letting go and Conner just rode like a champ!  I was so happy that no bones were broken and no fits where thrown.  I think he was so proud of himself and we all ran out there and cheered him on.  My baby's growing up. 

Ok ok so this is a weightloss blog so I'll talk about my weight.

I weighed myself yesterday and was down 1.5 pounds at 177!  :)  I felt like I was stuck a little at 179-180.  But yay!  (weighed in today at 177.5).  So I feel like I'm good and down.

That brings my total weight loss...

41 pounds since last year
28 pounds since starting back around March.

I feel good about that and look forward to losing more.

We go to Branson on July 4th for a few days with my parents and family.  What's funny is that the one thing I'm excited about is getting to go workout in the gym at the resort there.  :)  Oh and buying some clothes at the outlet mall that fits!

Well I'd better go clean the house while I still have time before I have to load everyone up and go get Conner.

Until we meet again... now go get up and do something! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Up and at em'

Well Jason tried to get me up early the other morning but I was too tired to do it. 

I did eventually get up and get everyone fed and changed and happy and then went walking about 9:45.  It was hot but I managed to get a good 30 minute walk in (I also went back out after the kids were in bed last night and did another 30 minutes). 

Jason stayed home yesterday because he has bursitus in his elbow.  :(  But he's on medication and is starting to do much better.

So, this morning at 6:20 when Jason told me to get up I rolled around for a while and then put on my spandex, heart monitor, sunglasses, and shoes and went for a walk!  :)

I may just sleep in spandex so I can just roll out of bed and go.

It was pretty humid and not much of a breeze but once I started hearing Michael Jackson in my ear I got a good pace and made it a little over 30 minutes.

Today, I go to the dentist and then home to work on some Father's day gifts.  I'd say what I am making but in the event that Jason actually gets on my blog, I won't.  :)

I'm not sure if it's hormones or summer sweat that is making my face break out like I'm some teenager but it's quite annoying!  Conner even said to me the other day that I have spots all over my face.  Then his best friend told me that I didn't look good without my sunglasses on!  Gee thanks kids!  At least Lauren is super sweet.  She's in the hallway playing with her dolls currently, "Hi, girlfriend.  Go to timeout.  Awe, give me a hug."  She is the funniest little girl I know!

I'm off to the dentist later this morning.  I don't wanna go because they are gonna know I haven't been flossing my teeth!  :O  I flossed real good last night.  Like that's gonna help!  I have periodontal disease.  They did some deep cleaning a few months ago (felt so nice to be numb while they cleaned!) and then another cleaning and now another cleaning.  I think I go back every 3 months for a while until it gets under control.

I just have to say a big thanks to Jason for being so supportive of my weightloss.  I've said this before but the past couple of days he has tried his hardest to help me get up early and workout.  I appreciate that.  :) 

I made brownies yesterday because I had 2 eggs left... so why not?  :)  Jason took the leftovers with him today.  THANK YOU! 

I watched the Great American Baking competition (or whatever it's called) last night and OMG it was so hard for me to just watch it and not go and get the pan of brownies to eat while I watched it.  But I powered through it, drank some water, and fell asleep.  Not sure what I think about that show.

I'm looking forward to watching another episode of Extreme Weight loss!  I love that show and I love Chris Powell.  I think he is such a good coach to those losing the weight.  I sure wish I had him around in my back pocket. 

But, I've got all my loyal followers here keeping me motivated.  Just knowing that if I screw up or if I don't give it my all that you will know!  My followers keep me going.  Oh I know I don't get many comments out here but I know at least 1 person (maybe more) are reading this blog.

I know I have motivated a couple of people to start working out and lose weight and change their life.  If I can help change one person, then that feel like success.

And on that note, the children have started to give me a headache!  Where are my earplug and maybe an adult drink!  It's 5'oclock somewhere!  :P

Until we meet agian!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey, it's Fat Albert

"Hey, Hey, Hey, it's Fat Albert"

That's what I heard in my head tonight as I started running. 

As I started out tonight I put on my ipod, felt the wind in my hair and started my usual walk.  I went about 30 minutes walking and then I started running.  I saw another person running earlier and I just looked at her and wondered how she was gliding down the road effortlessly.  When I run I hit hard and I bounce and I breathe heavy and looked pissed off.  I can't run very far without feeling like I'm going to collapse. 

I run, walk, run, crawl!  I enjoy sweating and I enjoy running, I just wish it was easier.  Maybe it will get easier.  Is it normal to feel so awkward running?  Will I ever glide down the street?  I sure as heck hope so!  I'm going to keep on running and who cares really what I look like!  People that drive by and honk (scared the pee out of me tonight), at least I'm running!  At least I'm out of my dang house, not sitting in front of the TV or computer playing candy crush or watching the Bachelorette.

I'm moving and groovin' and I like it.

An hour later and 600 calories burned I'm here on my computer and I feel like a success! 

I hate when I give myself excuse after excuse to not go.  I feel so good once I finally do.  :)

And, what's with all the yawning!  Is that normal to yawn all the time while I'm running?  Maybe I'm just not getting enough air or maybe my fat girl inside me wants me to just go to sleep!  :P

In other news.  The fat girl inside me had a bad day yesterday.  See, my neighbor was super nice and brought me a loaf of banana bread.  It's nice to have such nice neighbors.  The bad thing is that I had a little the night before last and then gave some to my oldest kiddo for breakfast.  Then when I got home from running children all over the world, I ate the rest of that dang loaf!  :O  Well at least I paid for it!  My stomach hurt so bad last night! 

But I did it and that's that, I'm not kicking myself for eating it.  Today was another day and I did better.

I'm glad I measured myself the other day.  I like knowing that walking and working out make so much difference!  It really verifies for me that you can eat right and lose weight but you will lose more inches and look more fit if you add working out to your daily routine!  :)

So get off your butts lazy people and do something active!  :)

So I leave you with a couple of things that make me laugh. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Measurements and Weight

Happy Sunday everyone.  After posting the other day, I got up and went walking and did some jogging along with it.  I'd like to say I ran some... but I think it was more like jogging.

So today I weighed in at 178.5.  I'm well on my way into getting lower into the 70's.  I got all excited last night when I did some calculations and realized that I am about halfway to reading my ultimate goal (which really may not be where I stop but it will put me back to my pre-wedding weight- 145-150).

I've lost (since July 2011) 40 pounds
I've lost (since March 2013) 26.5 pounds

I have around 25-30 pounds more to go until I see what's next.

I did my measurements today.  I can't remember exactly where I did all of the measurements the last time exactly but they seem about right.

So I'll do some comparing...

Here are today's measurements
6/9/13 Measurements and Weight 178.5

  • Waist: 38.25"
  • Hips: 43.5"
  • Chest: 42"
  • Neck: 12.125"
  • Leg: 26.375"
  • Arm: 12.75" 
Since my heaviest after having Rylan:

Waist inches gone: 8"
Hip inches gone: 5"
Chest inches gone (sorry honey): 3.5"
Neck inches gone: 3.375"
Leg inches gone: hmmm seems my legs are bigger?  Maybe we measured differently. Well my legs up top haven't changed much I guess.
Arm inches gone: 1.75

Overall- a good loss but let's look at how I measured up at my last weight back in July 2011 before I found out I was pregnant with baby number 3:

Waist inch difference:  Up 1.25 inches (maybe I'm bloated)  :)
Hip inch difference: Up 1.5 inches (hmm maybe I weigh less but don't have as much muscle...
Chest inch difference: 3 inches up! (hmm it sure doesn't feel like it)
Neck inch difference: down .875 (not much different)
Leg inch difference: Well... my legs are still huge I guess- about 3 inches up
Arm inch difference: Didn't measure my arm then I guess

So... I guess I need to get my butt in gear and walk more and start attempting to do some weight training.

I told Jason that I weigh less but I don't feel as "athletic" as I did when I was able to walk every night.  I can tell that my legs and arms and everything doesn't feel or seem as tight as it was.  I don't see much definition in my legs like I remember seeing when I was walking.

Good to see.  Good to see that sure you can eat right and lose weight but working out and excersizing does SO MUCH MORE!  Makes you have more energy, look more athletic and feel more athletic and by golly, lose inches.

Can't wait to come home tonight and get my walk on!  Time to go to Best Buy with everyone (pray for us) and shop for a vaccuum for my father-in-law.

I'll leave you with a cute picture of baby number 3 on the trampoline.  :)  We put that together yesterday. 

Until we meet again.  :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer break is here!

The kids were playing nice and quiet so I thought I could come to the computer and blog... why is it that the minute... no second, that I get on the computer, the kids seem to know and come cling to me or ask me for juice or milk or AHHHH!  Just go play like you were.  So here goes, with kids in my ear.

I sure wish I could figure out how to work out (outside... I like walking) with 3 kids!  One can ride his bike or play with his friend down the street, one is too little to ride a bike or walk and keep up with me and the 3rd child could easily be put in the stroller... so I'm stuck here at the house not able to workout outside like I enjoy!  :/

I could put on a DVD and/or do Zumba on the wii but alas there are children who want to watch Dora or play Lego Star wars games.

I could ride the stationary bike and I guess that's my best option at the moment... watching Dora with the child in the living room.  That will get me going... or not.

I could wait until the kids are in bed and then go walking, and I might attempt that but usually by the time I get them to bed it's either dark outside or I'm so darn tired.

So, I haven't worked out since school got out and actually I didn't work out the week before school got out because it was crazy busy.

I'm thinking I may ask the husband if I could drop the kids off at daycare on Monday's and Tuesday because Conner (the oldest) goes to summer school (for his "Alternative Learning Environment" class he was put in this last year because... he's wild).  That may at least get me 2 days where I can do whatever kind of workout I want!  However, the amount I would spend paying daycare, I could probably just join a gym and drop the kids off in their daycare while I go workout... there's a thought!

But enough about my lack of working out.

I'm down to 180.5-181.5.  I did see 179.5 on the scale a week ago but seem to be staying at 180.5.  I know that once I get back into working out I'll go down more and I am so ready to be in the 70's good.

I haven't been down to this weight... well I think it was before Conner was born but I'm not completely sure... so at the least, 6-7 years.

My XL shirts are big and my size 18 pants have been tossed out.  I don't plan to ever get back up to where I'd need size 18 again.

I had saved some jeans I had before Conner was born and am able to wear those again without them being super tight.

I am afraid of gaining back the weight I've lost so far.  I don't want to get out of the habbit of working out and eating right!  I have been doing ok but not as strict as I had been before school got out.

I have got to start sweating my butt off! 

I had a friend (Conner's best friend's mom) who does Roller Derby who invited me to do it with her and Jason thinks I'm crazy but I kinda want to do that!  I'm sure that would be a GREAT workout for me and plus... I could get some built up anger I have out.  :)  Now, what would by roller derby name be?  Hmmm

I loved roller skating when I was younger, had many birthday parties there and went almost every weekend.

Well I've managed to blog with little princess in my ear most of the time but now I smell a dirty diaper I must go change.

The joys of raising children, right?  :) (and so far I have had a fairly enjoyable summer with them)

Until we meet again... I'll leave you with a picture of my 3 year old eating her doughnut for national doughnut day today. I had 1/2 of an apple fritter.  :)

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