Monday, June 17, 2013

About the kids and down 1.5 pounds!

It's a rainy Monday but I feel that it's going to be a productive day! 

Got up earlier than I wanted today... 8:00ish.  Got the kids ready and took Conner to his summer school.   On the way home I stopped and got the other kids breakfast and resisted the temptation to get donut holes or pancakes for me!  I ate an egg Mcmuffin from Buger king and still feel like eating but I'll give it a while and get my mind off of food cause I know I'm not really hungry, just feel like eating everything in sight!

Had a busy Father's day yesterday.  I took the kids to church and then my parents and grandmother out to lunch.  I had fish tacos and I didn't eat the chips and salsa it came with or the tortillas.  It was pretty good.  Conner had a major meltdown that lasted from the time church was over until we got home from lunch!  That child drives me crazy some times. 

Then he can be so darn cute and sweet.  I woke him up this morning to get him ready and he sat up and hugged me and then kissed my hand.  I love that my child still loves me like that.  He loves to cuddle and loves to lay in the bed and watch tv snuggled up right next to me.

Today I plan to clean the house yet again!  I get so sick of cleaning the darn house and then not 5 minutes later it looks like I have done nothing or sometimes worse.  I swear Rylan (the youngest) walked (love watching him walk!) into the living room and fussed at me because I had put the blocks away and then proceeded to throw ALL of the blocks out onto the floor, fussing at me about it while he did it.  HA!

I'll walk around the house and find Lauren's "friends" in various places, eating various foods and wrapped up in blankets taking "naps."  While it's so cute to see her interact with her dolls and stuffed animals, sheesh kid!  I bought you a little baby bed for them to sleep in!  Not in the hallway, not in the living room on a couch (which she told me I couldn't sit there because her Dora was watching TV.  She's so stinkin' cute!

I love my children!  I love them, get mad at them, love them, get so frustrated with them, kiss them all over their dang heads!

Anyway, so back to Father's day.  After lunch, I came home and made deviled eggs, then went to a BBQ place to pick up some meat and sides and then came back home to pack everyone up and head over to Jason's grandparents house for dinner.

WE NEED TO DO THAT MORE OFTEN!  They have a nice back patio and a huge (I think it must be 3 acres or more... not sure) yard!  We had such a nice time letting the kids play and Pa-Pa showed them his tool shop (he works on old cars) and found an old bike that was Jason's brother's bike when he was a kid.  He cleaned it off and all of a sudden Conner started riding a bike without training wheels!  I was inside getting food ready and happened to peek out the window to see what the kids were doing and PaPa was out there pushing Conner and then letting go and Conner just rode like a champ!  I was so happy that no bones were broken and no fits where thrown.  I think he was so proud of himself and we all ran out there and cheered him on.  My baby's growing up. 

Ok ok so this is a weightloss blog so I'll talk about my weight.

I weighed myself yesterday and was down 1.5 pounds at 177!  :)  I felt like I was stuck a little at 179-180.  But yay!  (weighed in today at 177.5).  So I feel like I'm good and down.

That brings my total weight loss...

41 pounds since last year
28 pounds since starting back around March.

I feel good about that and look forward to losing more.

We go to Branson on July 4th for a few days with my parents and family.  What's funny is that the one thing I'm excited about is getting to go workout in the gym at the resort there.  :)  Oh and buying some clothes at the outlet mall that fits!

Well I'd better go clean the house while I still have time before I have to load everyone up and go get Conner.

Until we meet again... now go get up and do something! 

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