Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bump, bump, bump, another pound bites the dust....

Bump, bump, bump, another pound bites the dust....

That's the song singing through my head this morning.  Didn't expect to see much change on the scale this morning when I stepped on it.  But then I had to wipe the crud out of my eyes and take another peek at the scale to see if what I saw was real... yup...

175.5!  :) 

I just surprise myself every day.

I can only imagine what it's gonna be like to be out of the 70's and into the 60's!  :O  I haven't seen the 60's in many many years.

Jason said he noticed that my jeans were basically falling off of me yesterday and my mom said I looked so skinny (thanks guys).  But yeah... I haven't washed those jeans in a while either.  :P

I am in my workout clothes, I went to sleep in them.  I had planned to get up and go walking before Jason left for work this morning but I was so dang tired.  I couldn't fall asleep until almost 2am last night. 

See, our 10 year wedding anniversary is in August and we are trying to plan a trip some where. It's hard because we don't have a ton of money but want to go somewhere far away.  Not sure who's gonna watch our kids even.

I'd love to go to Australia... but that's probably out of the question.
He'd love to go to DC.
I'd love to go to NYC.
There's always some beach somewhere but which one and they all cost money.  :/
Oh and then how fun would it be to go to Maine to have some lobster!
Or Vegas but I think it would be way too hot for Jason (I can stand the heat some).

So, we will keep looking and maybe I will find something.

What a happy day today.  I just keep thinking about being down yet another pound.  Makes me wanna get up and dance.

So instead of counting how many pounds I've lost, let's look at how many pounds I have left until I reach my ultimate goal (which I could beat some day).

I have about 30 more pounds to go.

My goal for when I start back to school in August would be to get to 150.  That would be 25.5 pounds.... not sure I can lose that much by then... but let's see... we have 7.5 more weeks.  So if I was to lose 1.5 pounds a week that would allow me to lose about 11 pounds, which would put me at 164.5.

Now if I lost 2 pounds a week that would give me 15 pounds to lose, which would put me at 160.5. 

So maybe my goal for starting back to school could be to get down to 160.  That sounds fairly doable.

Now I gotta get my butt in gear and get on some kind of workout schedule.

Ugh, I'd post more but my little princess has awoken from her royal bed and is now in my bed requesting Dora and Milk.  Time to go attend to my high maintenance spoiled little princess.

Until we meet again...

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