Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy today but I'm still not done...

It was a real eye opener last night when I was looking at pictures of me.  I am completely blown away by the progress I've made.  It really makes me excited for what's to come.

I am not yet near my goal of 145 pounds (and hopefully I'll lose even more than that once I'm there).

I lost another pound, putting me at 174. (44.5 pounds lost)

My husband and I were talking about what my ultimate goal is and really I don't know what my "ultimate" goal is.  I just want to feel good about my body 100%.  So who knows when that will be?

Right now I have issues with my tummy.  Though I know it is slowly going away there is still remnants of the 3 children I have had.  I'm wondering if it will ever tighten up.  Or will I be left with all this skin?  Maybe some day when I get down to a certain weight I'll be able to get a tummy tuck? 

It is such a great feeling to be "sculpting" my body.  I'm enjoying the thought that this is a long process and it's not just going to happen overnight.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to lose weight and get in shape. 

It is hard for me to get the exact words out that I want to say.

I look at my body not in disgust anymore but it awe of what I am becoming.  With every pound lost I get closer to finding that inner skinny girl.  1 pound may not sound like a lot... but think of what it looks like in the palm of your hand...
So, I've lost 44.5 handfuls of this stuff!  Here's what 20 pounds of fat looks like!

I've lost 2 of these (and then some)!  Make you want to start working out?  Make you want to stop giving excuses for why you can't work out and get healthy?

What's your excuse?  I have 3 young kids who keep me very active and busy.  I have a house to attempt to clean.  I have a full time job during the school year.  I have meetings and doctors appointments and dentist appointments and sicknesses and etc etc... I'm busy too.

Can't make the time?  Really? 

If you chose to not make the time or give yourself excuse after excuse of why you can't work out then maybe you are just not mentally ready to lose the weight.

I don't want to hear that you don't have the time.  You can find 30 minutes in your day to go for a walk.  Get up earlier, do it after the kids have gone to bed.  That's what I try to do. 

I was watching a video about weight loss motivation and what she said is so true.

YOU are the person who got yourself overweight.  YOU are responsible for what goes in your body.  No one made you overweight.  So, YOU are the only one who can lose the weight that YOU gained. 

So get up and make today your new day of your journey.  I'd love to have more friends join me in finding their inner skinny girl/boy. 

And on that note, I've got dishes to clean, diapers to change, laundry to fold, toys to throw out, and mouths to feed... and later tonight- a kettlebell workout and walk to complete!

Until next time... get moving!

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