Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey, it's Fat Albert

"Hey, Hey, Hey, it's Fat Albert"

That's what I heard in my head tonight as I started running. 

As I started out tonight I put on my ipod, felt the wind in my hair and started my usual walk.  I went about 30 minutes walking and then I started running.  I saw another person running earlier and I just looked at her and wondered how she was gliding down the road effortlessly.  When I run I hit hard and I bounce and I breathe heavy and looked pissed off.  I can't run very far without feeling like I'm going to collapse. 

I run, walk, run, crawl!  I enjoy sweating and I enjoy running, I just wish it was easier.  Maybe it will get easier.  Is it normal to feel so awkward running?  Will I ever glide down the street?  I sure as heck hope so!  I'm going to keep on running and who cares really what I look like!  People that drive by and honk (scared the pee out of me tonight), at least I'm running!  At least I'm out of my dang house, not sitting in front of the TV or computer playing candy crush or watching the Bachelorette.

I'm moving and groovin' and I like it.

An hour later and 600 calories burned I'm here on my computer and I feel like a success! 

I hate when I give myself excuse after excuse to not go.  I feel so good once I finally do.  :)

And, what's with all the yawning!  Is that normal to yawn all the time while I'm running?  Maybe I'm just not getting enough air or maybe my fat girl inside me wants me to just go to sleep!  :P

In other news.  The fat girl inside me had a bad day yesterday.  See, my neighbor was super nice and brought me a loaf of banana bread.  It's nice to have such nice neighbors.  The bad thing is that I had a little the night before last and then gave some to my oldest kiddo for breakfast.  Then when I got home from running children all over the world, I ate the rest of that dang loaf!  :O  Well at least I paid for it!  My stomach hurt so bad last night! 

But I did it and that's that, I'm not kicking myself for eating it.  Today was another day and I did better.

I'm glad I measured myself the other day.  I like knowing that walking and working out make so much difference!  It really verifies for me that you can eat right and lose weight but you will lose more inches and look more fit if you add working out to your daily routine!  :)

So get off your butts lazy people and do something active!  :)

So I leave you with a couple of things that make me laugh. 

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