Friday, June 21, 2013

Listen to your inner skinny girl

Not sure what I want to blog today but I just wanted to get out here and type.  I'll let my fingers guide the way.

I went to the store and got me my first kettlebell yesterday.  I figured I'd better get me one that's gonna do something, so I got the 20lb one. I was looking forward to the kids going to bed last night so I could do a workout!  HA!  Who does that?  Who looks forward to sweating and the pain and aggony of working out?  ME!  I have grown to enjoy working out and get a little giddy inside when I finally find the time to do it.

I turned on my computer and put on a youtube video and did it!  :)  Man what a great feeling.  Here's the video I watched:  

I think it was a great little beginners kettlebell workout but man was I tired.  I can walk miles but my arms are kinda weak.  20 pounds is a lot of added weight to throw around but I'm glad I could do most of it.

I didn't wake up super sore today... maybe tomorrow it will hit me. 

After I was done I drank me a huge glass of water and had my isolates protein shake.

Got up this morning on the scale and I was up a little but that was to be expected since I had my shake so late last night.

My hubby told me he could tell in my face that I've lost weight.  He said my neck looks longer.  Guess it's kinda like a turtle emerging out of it's shell.  :) 

Went to the store yesterday with 2 of my children and Jason's dad cause I wanted to look for a smaller workout outfit.... impossible!  With 2 screaming children!  Ugh!  Rylan was tired and Lauren was being her typical bratty self!  So, I told Jason he would have to let me go sometime or he could go get something for me.  Size Large- easy enough!  I did get a sports bra but I don't really like it... but I'll wear it.

Speaking of wearing... I tried on my swim suit (size16) yesterday and WOW it doesn't fit.  I mean, I can wear it but I'm afraid that the minute I jump in the water (well I never really jump) that it's gonna come right off.  The back of the top is all loose and wrinkly and my boobs don't quite fill out the top.  Last year, my boobs about overflowed from the top (had to keep shoving them down in there) and the bottoms barely went around my waist.  GOOD FEELING!... No GREAT FEELING!

I can't remember how much I weighed before getting pregnant with Conner but I really think I was maybe about 180 or so.  I had been 180 for a while.  So I'm finally breaking through the other side.  I'm so excited about this.  So excited that my body is letting go of the weight.

I feel free.  I feel accomplished.  I feel that I can do it.  I can lose the rest of this weight and reach my goal of being healthy and feeling good about myself.

See... weight has always been on my mind.  Food has always been a constant in my mind.  What's for lunch?  Where are we going for dinner?  I shouldn't eat that cake but eh in "MODERATION" right?  It's a neverending struggle.  "If you eat that, you're gonna get fat."  "Look at you eating that cake, wonder what those people over there are thinking about that fat person."  "Look at your tummy, everyone can see how it pokes out."  "you're face looks so fat in the McDonalds drive thu window... but eh, go ahead and eat that burger in the car first and then take in your little kids meal, people won't know."

I mean SERIOUSLY!  ENOUGH with the fat girl talking in my head.  I don't hear her as much anymore.  I hear the skinny girl all giddy with excitement about working out.  I hear the giddy girl excited when I pass up the cake or only take a bite of bread and then leave the rest.  I hear the skinny girl say "water" every time she eats out or "no cheese" and "oil and vinegar dressing."  I'm proud of what I am becoming.  I'm proud of putting the fat demon girl in the back of my mind.  She does come out ever so often but I can hush her sometimes with a big glass of water!

Does that make sense?  Well it may seem silly or it may seem like I need to be admitted somewhere for hearing voices.  :P

Anyway, stop listening to your fat girl talk and start trying to hear that skinny girl (or boy) in your head and just do what she/he says to do!  Give your fat girl the finger and move away from those doughnuts!  :P

Off to take a shower and go run my errands (well I ain't really running cause I have 2 children to take).  :D

Until we meet again... I'll leave you with a funny...I had thai food last night so this little commercial is quite fitting!  LOL!

If only that would work!  The world would have some big boobs everywhere!


  1. Now I want donuts. ;0P

    You're doing great!!

  2. I sat here reading this in the McDonalds drive thru... And... I am going somewhere else... It's so hard to eat healthier when you are pressed for time and money. Quiznos will have to do for today. I'll get a small this time, no chips, and a water! I love you, you are such an inspiration!


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