Sunday, June 9, 2013

Measurements and Weight

Happy Sunday everyone.  After posting the other day, I got up and went walking and did some jogging along with it.  I'd like to say I ran some... but I think it was more like jogging.

So today I weighed in at 178.5.  I'm well on my way into getting lower into the 70's.  I got all excited last night when I did some calculations and realized that I am about halfway to reading my ultimate goal (which really may not be where I stop but it will put me back to my pre-wedding weight- 145-150).

I've lost (since July 2011) 40 pounds
I've lost (since March 2013) 26.5 pounds

I have around 25-30 pounds more to go until I see what's next.

I did my measurements today.  I can't remember exactly where I did all of the measurements the last time exactly but they seem about right.

So I'll do some comparing...

Here are today's measurements
6/9/13 Measurements and Weight 178.5

  • Waist: 38.25"
  • Hips: 43.5"
  • Chest: 42"
  • Neck: 12.125"
  • Leg: 26.375"
  • Arm: 12.75" 
Since my heaviest after having Rylan:

Waist inches gone: 8"
Hip inches gone: 5"
Chest inches gone (sorry honey): 3.5"
Neck inches gone: 3.375"
Leg inches gone: hmmm seems my legs are bigger?  Maybe we measured differently. Well my legs up top haven't changed much I guess.
Arm inches gone: 1.75

Overall- a good loss but let's look at how I measured up at my last weight back in July 2011 before I found out I was pregnant with baby number 3:

Waist inch difference:  Up 1.25 inches (maybe I'm bloated)  :)
Hip inch difference: Up 1.5 inches (hmm maybe I weigh less but don't have as much muscle...
Chest inch difference: 3 inches up! (hmm it sure doesn't feel like it)
Neck inch difference: down .875 (not much different)
Leg inch difference: Well... my legs are still huge I guess- about 3 inches up
Arm inch difference: Didn't measure my arm then I guess

So... I guess I need to get my butt in gear and walk more and start attempting to do some weight training.

I told Jason that I weigh less but I don't feel as "athletic" as I did when I was able to walk every night.  I can tell that my legs and arms and everything doesn't feel or seem as tight as it was.  I don't see much definition in my legs like I remember seeing when I was walking.

Good to see.  Good to see that sure you can eat right and lose weight but working out and excersizing does SO MUCH MORE!  Makes you have more energy, look more athletic and feel more athletic and by golly, lose inches.

Can't wait to come home tonight and get my walk on!  Time to go to Best Buy with everyone (pray for us) and shop for a vaccuum for my father-in-law.

I'll leave you with a cute picture of baby number 3 on the trampoline.  :)  We put that together yesterday. 

Until we meet again.  :)

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