Sunday, June 30, 2013

My body just can't let go...

I know we retain water at certain times of the month... which just sucks!

I like seeing progress on the scale.  I know, I know, don't look at the scale all the time, don't worry about the scale, think about how your clothes are fitting, weight isn't everything, bla bla bla!

I can't help but get a little bit frustrated when I step on the scale and see it going up.  I have been going up for the past week... or maybe it's only been a few days but it seems like a lot longer.

Yesterday it was 175 and today it was 176.  Bleh!

I was 173.5 earlier.

And what I find interesting is that my body likes to hang out in the middle.  Like in the middle of the 90's then 80's and now 70's.  I see a pattern!  I get so excited when I get to the middle and then look forward to it going back to the next generation but then it kinda sticks there for a lot longer than I'd like.

I know I'm doing great and losing weight and losing inches and whatever but COME ON!  I drank a ton of water yesterday and went for a morning walk and worked in the house and did pretty great (we won't talk about Mcdonald's dinner last night, and I was still not too far over in my calories).

Ok, so enough rant about that!  I'm sure it will go back down in a few days, I just wish women's bodies didn't do this too us, we're emotional people already, don't play games with us on the scale!

AND!  I seem to be constipated so I look forward to when I do finally go to the bathroom, surely I'll be down 3-4 pounds after that!  SHEESH!  (sorry, you know me, TMI!)

I'm drinking my AMP (from GNC) wheybolic extreme protein shake (blends really well and tastes really good) this morning and then I'm off for my walk.

Here's a question for the girls who read this- does it hurt your pelvic bone area or area around there when you run?  I can walk and walk and walk before I ever get a little pain down there but I guess gravity doesn't like me and it hurts down there when I run.  I'm fine once I stop for a while and rest at home and am not sore the next day or anything, just when I'm running.  So, I have decided to just walk and not add in too much running because for 1- I get worn out and can't last long enough and 2- it hurts!

In some non-weightloss stuff:

I have a problem with cleaning- I HATE IT!  I don't like doing laundry, hate doing the dishes, can't stay organized, not sure where everything goes, etc... CLEANING is my arch enemy!  But... it has to get done and I talk to myself (yeah I'm a bit crazy) and try to motivate myself to get up and clean.  So my latest motivation has been the fact that we are going to Branson on Wednesday and I'd like to come back home to a fairly clean house. 

See every time we go anywhere when we walk in the door there is always this stressful yucky feeling of what's to come.  We walk in and it's just not a happy environment.

So this time I'm motivated to walk in the door and have a sense of happy that all I have to do is put the clothes away and other various things from our trip.

That works, right?

So the past few days I have been doing laundry like a mad women.  I can't count with my fingers how many loads of clothes I've done but as of last night I put the LAST load in the washing machine!  It already feels so much nicer around the house.

I've tried to keep up with the dishes and I've done pretty well with that. 

I've also tried to keep up with cleaning the toys that my children like to scatter about the house, picked up and I've done ok with that.

We cleaned out Rylan's room yesterday and cleaned out my husband's sock drawerS last night (long story and lots of socks!).

I gave away 2 bags of maternity and baby clothes, a bouncy seat and some other toy items to a friend who's having baby number 3 and gave away everything like I did because she thought she was done- just a friendly reminder (in the voice of Bob Barker) to have your husband or wife spade of neutered.  :) 

I have another big bag of baby clothes for another friend.

I also got rid of 2-3 more bags of clothes and need to go through the older kids clothes again because I can't fit all of their clean clothes in their drawers!  :O

I sat down on he couch last night to watch TV and had this sense of completion and satisfaction and a lot lighter than when I usually sit down. 

I tell myself all the time that it sure does feel good when the house is clean and then not 1 hour later, the house is in shambles again.  But I'm trying.  I'm trying to keep my body healthy and this house healthy.  It sure is a lot of work!

I'm hoping that once I keep the house in order then maybe in the fall we can get someone to come clean once a week or twice a month.  We've always talked about it but then always say, "we have to get the house clean before we can have someone clean."  HA!  It's so silly but so true.

Ok this is becoming a novel again... time to leave my blogging world and head outside for a nice morning walk! 

Until we meet again...

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