Friday, June 21, 2013

No pain no gain, right?

And the pain sets in!  No pain no gain, right? 

I am defiently feeling the results from last night's workout.  It's good to know I worked out many new muscles... or muscles I didn't know I had!  :P

My back seems fine.  My arms are sore.  My shoulders are sore.  My legs feel fine.  My neck seems fine.  My abs are sore.  My abs haven't been sore in a very long time... see I thought they were burried deep beneath the baby belly flap.  But they must have gotten a good wake up call last night.

Now I'm not good at all the muscle names and such... Let me find a picture...  ok so looking at this picture  these following muscles are in pain!  1.  Deltoid- probably the part that hurts the worst 2. Triceps- though my biceps are fine... I probably work them out more on a daily basis 3. A little on the Latissimus Dorsi 4. and maybe just a touch on my Trapezius 5. and of course the Abdominal muscles 6. This picture doesn't show it but the extensor of the hand?  the top part of my arm below my elbow

Feels good to know that I got a decent workout... but good grief I'm sore and I know that tomorrow is only gonna be worse!  :)

I think I'll go walking tonight and give myself a little break.

Time to go change a stinky diaper or lock myself in my room!  I love my children but why must they be like little flies the moment I get on the dang computer?!


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