Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PICTURES! 43.5 pounds gone!

Ok so I have been looking at my blog and realized that yes I was indeed 218.5 pounds last year.  So even though I went off track for a while, I started back after Rylan was born last July, 2012.  So I'm gonna just quit with the confusion of what was my starting weight and just go with my heaviest after having Rylan at 218.5.

So that puts my weight lost so far at 43.5 pounds.

I had my hubby take a few pictures of me tonight (probably should have waited until the morning when I'm less bloated... but I was curious to compare things!

So, here are my comparison pictures.  The left side was from July 2012 (218.5) and the right side is from today, June 24th (175).

Bye Bye Boobies!

bye bye butt and belly!  
It's a good feeling to see this!  I've come a long way since last year and I have a long way to go until I'm satisfied.  I'd say until I'm done... but I will never be done.

Thanks for reading my blog... until we meet again...

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