Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer break is here!

The kids were playing nice and quiet so I thought I could come to the computer and blog... why is it that the minute... no second, that I get on the computer, the kids seem to know and come cling to me or ask me for juice or milk or AHHHH!  Just go play like you were.  So here goes, with kids in my ear.

I sure wish I could figure out how to work out (outside... I like walking) with 3 kids!  One can ride his bike or play with his friend down the street, one is too little to ride a bike or walk and keep up with me and the 3rd child could easily be put in the stroller... so I'm stuck here at the house not able to workout outside like I enjoy!  :/

I could put on a DVD and/or do Zumba on the wii but alas there are children who want to watch Dora or play Lego Star wars games.

I could ride the stationary bike and I guess that's my best option at the moment... watching Dora with the child in the living room.  That will get me going... or not.

I could wait until the kids are in bed and then go walking, and I might attempt that but usually by the time I get them to bed it's either dark outside or I'm so darn tired.

So, I haven't worked out since school got out and actually I didn't work out the week before school got out because it was crazy busy.

I'm thinking I may ask the husband if I could drop the kids off at daycare on Monday's and Tuesday because Conner (the oldest) goes to summer school (for his "Alternative Learning Environment" class he was put in this last year because... he's wild).  That may at least get me 2 days where I can do whatever kind of workout I want!  However, the amount I would spend paying daycare, I could probably just join a gym and drop the kids off in their daycare while I go workout... there's a thought!

But enough about my lack of working out.

I'm down to 180.5-181.5.  I did see 179.5 on the scale a week ago but seem to be staying at 180.5.  I know that once I get back into working out I'll go down more and I am so ready to be in the 70's good.

I haven't been down to this weight... well I think it was before Conner was born but I'm not completely sure... so at the least, 6-7 years.

My XL shirts are big and my size 18 pants have been tossed out.  I don't plan to ever get back up to where I'd need size 18 again.

I had saved some jeans I had before Conner was born and am able to wear those again without them being super tight.

I am afraid of gaining back the weight I've lost so far.  I don't want to get out of the habbit of working out and eating right!  I have been doing ok but not as strict as I had been before school got out.

I have got to start sweating my butt off! 

I had a friend (Conner's best friend's mom) who does Roller Derby who invited me to do it with her and Jason thinks I'm crazy but I kinda want to do that!  I'm sure that would be a GREAT workout for me and plus... I could get some built up anger I have out.  :)  Now, what would by roller derby name be?  Hmmm

I loved roller skating when I was younger, had many birthday parties there and went almost every weekend.

Well I've managed to blog with little princess in my ear most of the time but now I smell a dirty diaper I must go change.

The joys of raising children, right?  :) (and so far I have had a fairly enjoyable summer with them)

Until we meet again... I'll leave you with a picture of my 3 year old eating her doughnut for national doughnut day today. I had 1/2 of an apple fritter.  :)

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