Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time to build some muscle!

Went walking tonight!  Ran some too.  Felt good to be outside and the weather wasn't too bad.  I was a little worried of walking or running with my mouth open because there were so many lightning bugs!  When I was a kid, I was riding my bike and swallowed a big bug!  It went straight down... so ever since then I think about that when I'm out at night.  :O

What really gets me going is when I start thinking about how nice it's gonna be when I hit my goal weight and size.  That really puts a little umph in my step.  Makes me smile that I'm actually getting closer to that goal.

But I think the time has come now for me to start adding some weights to the mix (yeah yeah Jason and Chris, you've been telling me this for a while... but I think I'm ready now).  But I am so clueless as to what to do with them.  How many sets and reps and whatever that means.

I've heard about kettle bells but really have no clue what to do with them either.  I looked up a few youtube videos and I think I may go look into getting me one... two?  I dunno.  Let's hope the people at the sport store can help me tomorrow and I hope the kids cooperate while I'm looking. 

Now I just need to figure out how heavy of one to get!  I mean, I don't want to get one that is too light but I don't want to get one that's too heavy.  Guess it's like Goldy Locks.  Gotta get one that's just right.  :)

And I might as well get me some new tighter spandex while I'm there.  The ones I have don't hold me in anymore.  Oh and my feet have shrunk a size!  My size 10 tennis shoes are a bit big.  My foot might be back down to a 9!

Did I mention that I am 1 pound shy from being 10 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with baby 3?  Yeah... baby 4 ... well if I say it then something will happen.  Let's just say that I know for a fact that baby 4 isn't coming... man I need to go get "fixed."  Scares the crap out of me of the thought of having another one!  I love my children but 2 is plenty... and I've got 3. 

Ok, I'm off to drink me a huge glass of water (you thought I was gonna say wine didn't ya!)  :P and see what's recorded for me to watch.  When I came home from my walk tonight, Jason was watching Warm Bodies.  Such a great movie. 

Until we meet again...  (I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet baby number 3 all wrapped up in his moby wrap cause he's not feeling good, poor guy)  Love how instagram makes me look a little bit tan (and I'm so not!)

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