Friday, June 14, 2013

Up and at em'

Well Jason tried to get me up early the other morning but I was too tired to do it. 

I did eventually get up and get everyone fed and changed and happy and then went walking about 9:45.  It was hot but I managed to get a good 30 minute walk in (I also went back out after the kids were in bed last night and did another 30 minutes). 

Jason stayed home yesterday because he has bursitus in his elbow.  :(  But he's on medication and is starting to do much better.

So, this morning at 6:20 when Jason told me to get up I rolled around for a while and then put on my spandex, heart monitor, sunglasses, and shoes and went for a walk!  :)

I may just sleep in spandex so I can just roll out of bed and go.

It was pretty humid and not much of a breeze but once I started hearing Michael Jackson in my ear I got a good pace and made it a little over 30 minutes.

Today, I go to the dentist and then home to work on some Father's day gifts.  I'd say what I am making but in the event that Jason actually gets on my blog, I won't.  :)

I'm not sure if it's hormones or summer sweat that is making my face break out like I'm some teenager but it's quite annoying!  Conner even said to me the other day that I have spots all over my face.  Then his best friend told me that I didn't look good without my sunglasses on!  Gee thanks kids!  At least Lauren is super sweet.  She's in the hallway playing with her dolls currently, "Hi, girlfriend.  Go to timeout.  Awe, give me a hug."  She is the funniest little girl I know!

I'm off to the dentist later this morning.  I don't wanna go because they are gonna know I haven't been flossing my teeth!  :O  I flossed real good last night.  Like that's gonna help!  I have periodontal disease.  They did some deep cleaning a few months ago (felt so nice to be numb while they cleaned!) and then another cleaning and now another cleaning.  I think I go back every 3 months for a while until it gets under control.

I just have to say a big thanks to Jason for being so supportive of my weightloss.  I've said this before but the past couple of days he has tried his hardest to help me get up early and workout.  I appreciate that.  :) 

I made brownies yesterday because I had 2 eggs left... so why not?  :)  Jason took the leftovers with him today.  THANK YOU! 

I watched the Great American Baking competition (or whatever it's called) last night and OMG it was so hard for me to just watch it and not go and get the pan of brownies to eat while I watched it.  But I powered through it, drank some water, and fell asleep.  Not sure what I think about that show.

I'm looking forward to watching another episode of Extreme Weight loss!  I love that show and I love Chris Powell.  I think he is such a good coach to those losing the weight.  I sure wish I had him around in my back pocket. 

But, I've got all my loyal followers here keeping me motivated.  Just knowing that if I screw up or if I don't give it my all that you will know!  My followers keep me going.  Oh I know I don't get many comments out here but I know at least 1 person (maybe more) are reading this blog.

I know I have motivated a couple of people to start working out and lose weight and change their life.  If I can help change one person, then that feel like success.

And on that note, the children have started to give me a headache!  Where are my earplug and maybe an adult drink!  It's 5'oclock somewhere!  :P

Until we meet agian!

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